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Funniest Tweets on the Web Now Found at the New Website RioTweets.com


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2013 -- The launch of the new website RioTweets.com is quickly attracting followers looking for the best funny tweets on the web. The website follows the world’s wittiest Twitter users and picks the best by hand to post on the site.

It has long been an axiom of comedy that the funniest bits are short and to the point. It would seem that Twitter with its 140 character limit is the ideal medium for those that adhere to that axiom. For some time, social media users have known that Twitter can hold some of the funniest and wittiest remarks available anywhere. Unfortunately, getting to the best has required waiting on friends to retweet the gems from the best comedians on Twitter or slogging through what merely passes for comedy online. Now, with the launch of the new website RioTweets.com, everyone can find the funniest tweets online at a glance.

“We always felt that Twitter had a higher purpose than reporting the minutia of the life of every person that you don’t care about,” said a RioTweets.com founder. “With the launch of our new website, we’ve been able to expose that purpose by bringing the funniest tweets to one place for everyone to enjoy.”

Every day, the founders of RioTweets.com scour the web for the funniest tweets by average people, and when they find them, they follow them (of course in a non-stalkerish way). They then pick the funniest tweets by hand and post them at RioTweets.com for everyone to enjoy.

Anyone can submit a tweet for consideration by signing up to the website with their twitter account. Followers can vote on user submitted tweets and decide who makes the cut to the front page. Readers can view the tweets that are trending or browse by categories such as Facebook-based, Vulgar or Kardashian (which some have pointed out to be oddly similar in their opinion). Website visitors can also view classic funny tweets at a glance and the very best tweets are entered into the website’s Hall of Fame.

Social media has changed the world of comedy as every comedian worth their salt understands the power of social media and Twitter specifically. This is evidenced by the “How to be Funny in 140 Characters or Less” panel at the recent Social Media Week held in New York. The real beauty of the intersection of Twitter and comedy is that now, average people that can be funny in 140 characters or less can share their funny witticisms with everyone.

While no one has currently become famous from Twitter, it may just be a matter of time. “Any one of the average people with above average comedy skills making observations or discussing the latest trends and news in a uniquely funny way may someday be propelled to notoriety,” said the website founder. “For now, we’re just glad that we can provide a website to showcase the funniest tweets in one place.” To begin viewing the constantly updated funniest tweets from the web, please visit www.riotweets.com

About RioTweets.com
Riot Tweets is home to the web's funniest tweets. The website founders follow all the world's wittiest Twitter users and pick the best by hand, every day. Website visitors can laugh, vote, and submit their own funny tweets for a chance to make the Hall of Fame.