Funny Breakfast Shapes Are Making Eating Eggs Fun for Children

Children need to eat more healthy foods but trying to encourage children to eat food that is good for them, which includes eggs, can be a struggle. Funny Breakfast shapes encourage children to eat eggs, by making eggs look fun.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/14/2014 -- The World Health Organisation has publicly said children need to eat more healthy food to avoid the serious obesity problem that is happening around the world; however, trying to encourage children to eat food that is good for them can be a mission impossible. One food that is good for children is eggs.

Eggs are a great source of high-quality protein; they are nutritious, containing nutrients compared to the calorie load. Nutrients are found in the yolks while the whites are mostly protein. Moving the science of why eggs are good for children to one side, trying to encourage children to eat eggs as part of their healthy diet like other healthy food can be like asking them to tidy their room.

One of the most popular battles parents have with children at meal times is eating healthy food. Children seem to have a trigger in their brain, once they see healthy food and are presented it for breakfast, dinner or tea, straight away most children battle against eating it. A common saying by children is, ‘I do not like it,' even though most of the time they have never tried it. Now thanks to Funny Breakfast, the company behind the funny breakfast shapes, parents can now find it easier to have their children eat eggs at meal times.

The funny breakfast shapes allow parents to make eggs look more exciting, from making them looking like an alien to a Halloween pumpkin. No longer do parents have to put plain eggs on their children’s plate hoping they will eat them, thanks to the funny shapes, children will see funny shapes and characters on their plate made out of eggs and eat them.

At just £9.90 children can be encouraged to eat more eggs and enjoy the goodness that eggs brings. Ordering the Funny Breakfast Shapes is easy, by visiting

About Funny Breakfast
Funny Breakfast is a company that makes eating eggs more fun with their funny shapes, encouraging children to eat healthy foods.

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