Furgill Libretto & Shahab Abdollah Seek Crowdfunding via Indiegogo to Introduce "Lensow" - An Innovative Platform for Photographers


Amsterdam, Netherlands -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2014 -- Great stories are not seen or heard because of technical barriers. If this wasn't difficult enough, the world of photography is big and challenging. Lensow eliminates that barrier for photographers everywhere empowering them to get their artistry in front of people in an innovative way.

What is Lensow? It's an online service for photographers both amateurs and professionals allowing them to put their work on display in front of a worldwide audience.

This online service allows photographers to excel in their field. Lensow is a terminus for all photographers who want to put their work on display in front of the professional market. Because of this, photographers get the chance to be seen and give their career a boost to the next level.

Lensow wants to provide a global service, innovating on both technology and design level. Lensow wants to eliminate the existing model and make the world of photography accessible to everyone. They want to amaze and inspire everyone with a unique and innovative platform, expanding the reach and effectiveness of the photographer in connecting with his intended audience.

Photography portfolios on the internet lead to nowhere. Up until now there have been no online platforms that focus on creating a focal point for photographers. This has led to the cultivation of the Lensow concept allowing for amazing features.

Featured highlights include:

-Specifically promoting one's own self
-Specifically networking with people in desired demographics
-A bridge between an individual photographer and prospective client
-Interaction between companies and photographers
-International opportunities for exposure and recognition
-Easier remote working arrangements
-The posting of vacancies and opportunities
-Networking with the broader photography market
-More engagement in the photography market

Funds raises through this crowdfunding campaign will be applied towards:

-Website coding
-Local servers
-Legal aspects
-Website maintenance
-Events and online/offline campaigns
-Cloud servers
-Required website services

Lensow paves the way for photographers as well as businesses to come together creating an amazing experience. An idea never before conceived can and will become a reality.

This campaign started on May 31 and will close on July 30, 2014 (11:59pm PT).

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