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With no credit credit check or down payments, renting a furnace is fast becoming an easy way to upgrade to a energy efficient furnace says spokesperson for Furnace Rental


Hamilton, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/31/2014 -- According to Canadian cost comparison charts released this past winter, the average cost of a mid-efficiency furnace including installation ranges between $2,200-11,000, with ultra high efficiency models running as high as $14,000. For many Canadian homeowners, this price tag can be simply out of reach during hard economic times. Furnaces are, indeed, one of the main energy-consuming appliances in most Canadian homes, and heating is often responsible for over 50% of a home’s yearly energy costs. Because of this, upgrading to a new high-efficiency model can lead to significant savings for homeowners and renters.

A new furnace can reduce heating bills and save consumers hundreds of dollars annually, even offsetting a large portion of the cost of a new furnace. An increasingly popular solution, according to Kevin Michaels, spokesperson for Furnace Rentals (FurnaceRental.com), is the idea of renting a brand name furnace instead.

Says Michaels, "Now, homeowners or even renters can upgrade their home's heating and air conditioning without breaking the bank. They can get started in minutes and have the new system installed as soon as the very next day."

The idea of renting is growing more popular for a number of reasons, says Michaels. "The most attractive lure of renting is the fact there are no upfront costs. All of our rentals will come with free installation and up to 15 feet of duct work or venting. We even dispose of the old unit for the customer at no extra charge." Maintenance is another big advantage of renting a furnace, too, as Michaels explains. Their trained technicians are on call at all times so that customers are never left scrambling to repair a broken down furnace in the dead of winter.

Making the furnaces affordable is key, especially in a credit damaged society. However, Michaels says this shouldn't be a concern. "We at Furnace Rental (http://furnacerental.com) believe eco-friendly and energy-efficient heating and cooling options should be accessible to everyone, so we never require any credit checks or down payments. As long as you’re the homeowner, you qualify. Even if you rent your home, all you need is the owner’s written consent. All of our furnace rentals are based on open agreements, meaning our clients are never locked in and they can buy out the unit at any time without penalties. We’ve carefully designed our program to be as quick and effortless as possible, with no upfront costs or headaches."

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Furnace Rental (furnacerental.com) provides an easy and affordable way to upgrade a home's heating and cooling system in Ontario. Furnace Rental prides itself on carrying products from only the best quality and most reliable brands like Lennox and Goodman. Further, they offer their customers complete peace of mind with their full cover protection plan and warranty.