Furniture UK Announce Their New Partnership with Besp-Oak Furniture

Furniture UK today announces their new partnership with long established and well respected UK furniture manufacturer Besp-Oak furniture.


Wolverhampton, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/20/2014 -- Furniture UK provide an extensive range of furniture lines that are all exclusively sourced from UK only suppliers; currently operating online, they have been providing customers with product ranges that include everything from high quality budget lines to designer pieces that are styled for the design conscious.

Today’s announcement has come about as Furniture UK look to adding to their collection of suppliers with designs that are specifically aimed at consumers that are looking for design style that sits between cutting edge design and traditional rustic design. Such a proposition sounds like somewhat of a conundrum as high style and rustic designs are generally considered as completely separately entities. However their flagship ranges demonstrate the way in which Besp-Oak furniture adds to Furniture UK’s offering through pieces that are a unique mix of these two approaches to style.

The price point of their Besp-Oak furniture range follows Furniture UK’s commitment to providing a varied collection of key pieces at prices that are more than accessible for the average household and the associated budgetary constraints. Their extensive number of lines (which easily reach the hundreds mark) are on the whole priced for such consumers, and their Besp-Oak range adequately demonstrates how stringent their sourcing processes have been.

Amongst their flagship lines that have been enabled by the Besp-Oak partnership are: Vancouver Premium Oak, Vancouver Petite Oak and Planked Oak. The Vancouver Premium Oak range is considered by Furniture UK as a range that will quickly become one of their most popular and fastest selling ranges. All items within this range follow a solid and contemporary style. Specifically, the furniture pieces are all made from golden oak and have been finished with a protective coating of light oil that promises to protect the item for years to come.

The Vancouver Petite Oak range is an extension of the premium range, but features items that have smaller dimensions. This range was developed by Besp-Oak Furniture due to the popularity of the original range, and the fact that there was high consumer demand for pieces that were more suitable for the smaller homes and apartments of today.

The final range, the Plank Oak range, has a focus more than any of the other Besp-Oak ranges on mixing a solid design featuring heavy blocks and strong lines with a utilitarian concept that sways more to contemporary than traditional. This range has proved extremely popular for Besp-Oak furniture, who suggest that the key pieces within the Plank Oak range demonstrate just how unique their collections are.

Furniture UK continue to grow their ranges and extensive collection of furniture suppliers; their commitment to offering consumers a reasonable price point and the use of UK suppliers exclusively means that this company is growing in popularity on a daily basis. The announcement of their partnership with Besp-Oak furniture today should be seen as a valuable addition to an already varied and unique consumer offering.

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