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Fusion-Nexus.com Helps Webmasters Defy Google's New Penguin Update


Kolkata, West Bengal -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/30/2012 -- Many people who run a website have been hit hard by the recent refresh to the Google algorithm. These updates, known as “Penguin” and “Panda”, have reordered Google search results, pulling sites that once enjoyed top positions for competitive keywords down. Webmasters have suffered a significant lack of traffic, and profits, as a result.

One website working to remedy this problem is Fusion-Nexus.com. Fusion Nexus is a search engine optimization service for webmasters hoping to increase their ranking in the post-penguin and post-panda environment. The service works by building links in a creative and proprietary way that is designed to get around the changes that Google has imposed.

Fusion-Nexus.com is a new link building services, and in the last few months they have increased in popularity exponentially, with hundreds of satisfied customers. Their innovative link building methods have been getting a lot of attention in the SEO community specifically and across the Internet in general. The cornerstone of their strategy is to dynamically adapt their methods to take Google updates into account, and they assert that their service is not only effective in the current SEO climate but is also designed to be effective against future Google algorithm updates.

A spokesperson for the site said:

“Our new product has been designed in the aftermath of Google’s recent updates. These modifications to Google’s algorithm have been catastrophic for many web site owners, with devastating blows to their search engine positioning. Our new link building service has turned things around for hundreds of webmasters since we have started, drastically improving their ranking in the search results for many highly competitive keywords. The reason for these great results is a commitment to innovation. Our strategies are effective, and they are continually being adapted to take into account changes in the way that Google rank sites. Our motto is “Link creation, with a touch of innovation”, and anyone who experiences the long lasting and effective results of our service will be able to understand just how apt that is.”

About Fusion-Nexus.com
Fusion-Nexus.com is a new SEO link building service that has been created with the recent Google panda and penguin algorithm updates in mind. Their link building strategies are constantly adapted to ensure long-term robustness against future Google updates.

For more information please visit: http://www.Fusion-Nexus.com