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Future of Global Crisis/Incident Management Platforms Market: 2016 - 2026

The crisis/incident management platforms are gaining ground in the international market. The market of the crisis/incident platforms is surging as the world is combating with multiple disaster scenarios.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/11/2017 -- The increasing role of the mobile technology and crisis incident management is taking a new shape. The surging number of disaster and crisis management situations have driven several governments and private stakeholders towards mobile technology. Today mobile based communication platforms are an integral part of the crisis/ incident management market. The android based crisis and incident management apps are flooding the market. The governments and private players of this segment are moving towards advanced crisis/incident management platforms to increase the public outreach. The crisis/ incident management tools are mostly used during the time of the crisis to keep all the responders and stakeholders in sync. It only reduces the response time but it also creates a significant impact through a proper channel. The crisis/ incident management platform is a massive network of communication which is established during a crisis situation. The network provides a two-way communication channel and coordinates effectively with different key departments. The crisis/incident management platforms do have the capability to aid proper responsive and rescue measures during an emergency. The crisis/ incident management platforms can establish a fast paced communication channel for internal as well as for external communication. Some of the most the advanced economies of the world have pumped in millions to develop a proper and healthy crisis/incident management platform to control any unprecedented development of a crisis. The countries like US and Australia and many other developing nations have curated advanced crisis/incident management platform to minimise the fallout of a disaster. The international emergency control agencies are relying on automation rather than manual labour. The crisis/incident management platforms are gaining ground in the international market. The market of the crisis/incident platforms is surging as the world is combating with multiple disaster scenarios. Frequent terror attacks, a slew of natural calamities and better disaster management awareness is driving the need for the crisis/ incident management platforms.

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The approach of the security and disaster management agencies has completely changed in the last few years. To combat several new categories of disasters and to build up a wall against them the need and inclusion of advanced technology is a must. A proper and advanced communication channel plays a pivotal role during a disaster. The successful collusion of technology and skilled manpower can avert any impending disaster. The crisis/incident management market is flooded with advanced software and mobile apps which can minimise the aftermath of a man-made or natural disaster. Several governments around the world non-government organisations are trying to build a synergy to cut down the response time during a disaster. They are also trying to create a massive data bank to analyse and understand the nature of a disaster. The rise of the manmade disasters such as terrorism has also propelled the market of the crisis/incident management within a very short span of time. The boom in social networking platforms and the emergence of a massive android friendly population is also creating a better and broader market for the crisis/incident management market. Today some of the ace disaster and crisis management organisations such as Red Cross largely depend on smart apps and software to control and manage a crisis or an untowardly incident.

The crisis/incident management market in surging. The boom in IT is complimenting the growth of the crisis/incident management market. But as we are living in an era of cyber terrorism so none of the apps and software are away from the clutches of the hackers. A single hacking can destroy the entire network and can wreck a havoc on the entire system. There is a large population in the world which still stays away from technology which will adversely affect the growth of the crisis/incident management market.

The crisis/incident management market has a global periphery. The rising number of the manmade and natural crisis situations are popping around the world which is also expanding the market width of crisis/ incident management. The earthquake prone zones spread across the Japan, South-East Asian belt is a major market for crisis and incident management. The US and UK has been the target of a slew of terror attacks, thus the growth opportunity of the crisis/ incident management platform market is massive in this region. Australia is flanked by ocean and a part of the APEJ region which is widely populated with island nations often becomes easy prey of floods. This region is also an opportune market for the crisis/ incident management platforms.

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Crisis management platforms such as Storm Eye, Real Time Warning and Disaster Alert are few of the many apps which are widely populating the Crisis/incident management market. The software and apps are extremely smart and they can share real time information of the incident.