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Future Technology Publication Future Tech Magazine Now Available on Apple News


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/01/2016 -- Online future technology news and review site is now available on Apple news for readers with iOS 9 compatible devices. Over the past few years, FUTR Tech Magazine has grown to become a leading voice on new or emerging, future technologies, applications, and devices, with a growing number of readers and followers. The arrival of FUTR Tech magazine on Apple's new publishing platform means the future tech news site is now available to a wider range of its reader base as well as new audiences.

As Technology has come to the forefront of everything from business, education, and healthcare to how we live our personal lives, there are many publications that cover the industry but few with a focus on future technologies as FUTR Tech does. The future tech publication covers the latest and emerging technologies in its articles and features which have seen the online tech news site enjoy increased readership and participation across all its content offerings on the web.

The disruption in many industries by technological innovations means that there is a growing interest in future tech trends and the well presented future technology articles published by FUTR Tech have seen the site also similarly grow from strength to strength.

To access FUTR Tech magazine on Apple News, readers can simply search for FUTR Tech Magazine, or click on the following link: (Only available to iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch devices with iOS 9 or later and Apple News to view the FUTR Tech Magazine channel.)

FUTR Tech Magazine covers emerging technologies and future technology news, the publication features everything from future transportation, future technology in homes, future devices, robots, and all the related technologies in-between. Science and technology enthusiasts have come to rely on for well balanced technology articles that avoid sensationalism and instead give readers the information that matters to them most.

With technologies such as augmented, holographic, and virtual reality coming to the fore of public consciousness thanks to a number of upcoming high profile consumer products, there is a clear interest in future and emerging technology. The need to provide the best content for readers in a market crowded by false hype and misleading stories is something that senior staff at the magazine were keen to point out:

" Our goal is to deliver the very best in future technology related content to our readers,- new and old" said the magazines' Editor, Mitch Walker. "Publishing our content on cutting edge platforms such as Apple News allows us to do that by reaching the tech savvy readers who will find our content interesting, engaging, and informative. We always strive to produce and present well written and relevant content to our readers who we know love well researched future technology news articles and stories. The technology space is going through a very exiting period and there are lots of advances in industries such as health, education, and autonomous devices that everyone at FUTR Tech is looking forward to sharing with our audience".

Although the Apple news service is currently only available to users with Apple devices, the magazine's goal is to be available across all platforms and operating systems to increase its exposure as well as make it easier for existing readers to access their favorite content on a medium of their choice. Moves to have the publication available on Platforms such as Android and Amazon's Kindle platform are underway. Readers can find out more about future tech with links to specific subjects here:

About FUTR Tech Magazine is the authoritative voice on new, emerging, and future technologies. The magazine publishes the latest future technology news and updates as well as in depth coverage of future technology trends, and emerging technologies that are disrupting traditional systems.

Regularly updated with articles about future gadgets, future drones, as well as future robots and future transport news, the site also covers new and upcoming gadgets, devices, applications, and technologies. The online tech magazine also features future technology videos and visual presentations and features about the tech to watch out for in the future. FUTR Tech Magazine is now available on Apple News.

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