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"Fuzzy Farm" Catches Society with an Addictive Amazement


Bangkok, Thailand -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/16/2015 -- Playing mobile games has always been an interesting and efficient way of passing time for individuals everywhere. The hype of games on phones has reached to the point where at least one gaming app can be found on the mobile device of every human being.

While mobile games are popular, there aren't many games that could keep you hooked for a long time. If one remembers flappy birds, one will know how addictive and frustrating a game that can be. Now, a new Game app known as the "Fuzzy Farm" will be launched in 28 August 2015 which might even compete with games such as flappy birds.

"Fuzzy Farm", at first glance, can be considered a simple and easy to play game. It is not until one starts playing it that they understand exactly where the charm of the game lies. Easy, but quick paced, this game has the ability to keep a person engaged for hours due to its need for quick thinking and concentration.

One could as easily say that games like these improve the working of the brain in a way better than any other practical application can and it has been deemed one of the most frustratingly addictive games by the few who have played it. Its test user reviews have had very high feedback for it.

Features included in the game are:

- An addictive game that is suitable for players of all ages.
- The graphics are stunning and have been made by special designers.
- Downloading it is free and one can start playing without a hitch right after.
- Comes with an entire tutorial of how to go about in the game.

Launched exclusively for iOS devices, and specifically designed for iPhone and iPad

About The Trafalgar Soft Company Limited
The Trafalgar Soft Company Limited is a small company in Thailand that has recently launched the game "Fuzzy farm". The CEO of the company is Warayuth Songsungthong. The company has seen an upward rise since the very beginning and has been striving hard to present the society with the best features of their launched Apps.

App Detail:
App Name: Fuzzy Farm
Price: Free
Platform: iOS, universal device
Category: Game, Puzzle, Family
Second Category: Education
Appropriate for all age.
Target audience: General

Contact information:
Media contact: 301/326 Tasai 28 Bangkok, 10210 Thailand
Telephone Number: +66­089­783­5511
iOS download link:
Link to demo: