Fuzzy Logic Entertainment Through Kickstarter Presents "OLD NICK" to Raise $9000 Through Crowdfunding.


Memphis, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/11/2014 -- The Story…..

What would you do if the fate of the world was literally in your hands? If every day you alone controlled whether reality stayed glued together or swirled into chaos and oblivion?

Walter Strand doesn't have to wonder. It's been his sole responsibility for the last eight years. Or at least that's what he thinks. So far, he's doing great... crippling OCD, crippling lonliness, a soul-sucking job, and of course no girl. And then there's that little matter of saving the world every night. What keeps him going? Especially when people just seem to piss him off most of the time.

When our story begins, he's pretty much accepted his fate... a life without people, for people. Then he meets Barney, a chaotic girl in need of a little order in her life. He's perfect for her, and she's dead set on proving she's perfect for him. The biggest thing standing in the way? You guessed it... that little matter about saving the world. That, and Walter's, reclusive, possessive, over-bearing jerk of a roommate, Nick.

They love the idea of the fate of the Universe being in the hands of a single human being, and the world being totally oblivious to it. It's a Faustian bargain. Every night you'd have to struggle with letting it all end or not. And what if you had a really crappy day? Quite frankly it's the most thankless job in the history of reality.

They wanted to spin the whole story around like a screwball (comedy that is), creating a fun, energetic movie filled with oddball characters and quasi-fantastical situations. In other words, something that makes them laugh, possibly cry, and maybe, just maybe restore their faith in humanity (assuming you've lost it somewhere along the way).

Their previous feature comedy, "The Importance of Being Russell", time-traveled and red-necked its way into thirteen festivals literally across the country, winning SIX awards. They've also made several well received shorts, so combining their skills with the likes of Drew Smith, Alexis Grace, John Pickle, and cinematographer Ryan Earl Parker they're putting a really good team together that knows how to tackle the world of micro-budget filmmaking.

Here’s where the money will be going for this project:

- Festivals- 5%
- *Kind- 60% (* this means people giving/helping/loaning for free!)
- Camera, Lenses, Lighting, Post-Prod, Music & Songs
- Cast & Crew- 20%
- Production & Support- 15%

This project will only be funded if at least $9,000 is pledged by Wed, May 7 2014 4:37 PM +05:30.

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