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FXBlackboard to Offer Price Action Trading and Analysis in the Forex Market


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/06/2013 -- FXBlackboard is a site that is providing commentary and analysis on the Forex Market for people who want to learn how to trade price action in the Foreign Exchange market. The site is giving people the opportunity to gain knowledge on Technical Analysis (TA). It also shares on trading commodities such as gold, silver, crude oil, grains, softs etc. But the main focus will be on Forex.

The site's unique point is trading without using any indicator by focusing on price action only. The blog posts that are featured in the site will give traders an idea on how to trade with pure price action. Too many traders are trading with charts that are cluttered with too many indicators. Not only it is not useful, it can be very confusing as well as some signals contradict one another.

Aside from trading analysis alone, the site is also updating people of the current changes in the foreign exchange industry and showing possible results of these changes. People can learn from the different posts that Alex Yeo provides. Reading the posts in the site will give people the chance to learn slowly and make use of what they have learned on their own trading schemes. Worries have no space in the site since Alex Yeo is an online entrepreneur and avid trader of indices, commodities and forex.

FXBlackboard was put up by Alex Yeo to share his knowledge with people who are looking forward to learning how to use price action in their trading. Moreover, people will be updated of the current happenings in the different sides of the trading industry and make it possible for them to succeed.

FXBlackboard is providing new and old traders with in-depth analysis and commentary posts about the Forex Market. It is founded by Alex Yeo and is currently located at Singapore under ZiPink Marketing. The site was put up to give traders the chance to use price action when trading and be successful with all their trading transactions.

“...for those who are passionate in forex trading, this is a great site penned by Alex”, says Candy, from the forum.

For those who are interested in trading and everything that is related to it, visit their site at People will surely learn the skills and knowledge that are necessary when they choose to enter or join the world of Forex Trading.

About FXBlackboard
Alex Yeo is the founder of Besides an avid trader, he is also an online entrepreneur.