FXCC: Bringing Forex Traders Closer to Success


Limassol, Cyprus -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/12/2012 -- FX Central Clearing Ltd. offers a wide range of products and services that any forex trader from various parts of the globe can use to gain the trading edge they need to succeed.

With the aim of providing transparent real-time pricing, traders are given access to all the tools, Straight Through Processing liquidity, and Electronic Communication business models that will allow them to get that competitive edge.

With the influx of traders requesting trading courses, FXCC has introduced their new free Forex Trading School that covers everything a trader must know. This is recommended for beginner and experienced traders alike to further enhance their knowledge base and maximize their earning potential.

The school covers strategy guides, platform tutorials, advanced courses, and trading tools. FXCC takes pride in the training videos they provide, their aim is to give nothing but pure useful information rather than the fluff some courses produce.

FXCC is clear on their risk disclaimer that an aspiring trader should only invest an amount that they are ready to lose. While the thought may not necessarily be encouraging, they have taken the liberty to put emphasis on how risky the foreign exchange market can be. They want traders to understand all the risks involved, and actually encourage them to seek advice from other sources as they feel necessary.

To further enhance the platform, FXCC has recognized the need for traders to have access to the ECN platform using the Meta Trader 4. While generally speaking, Meta Trader 4 cannot trade ECN, this is the precise platform that many traders are most accustomed to using. With this need, FX Central Clearing has established the proprietary FXCC bridge, allowing traders to have access to an ECN environment.

As with any qualified and reputable trading firm, they offer aspiring investors a practice account that they can use to further hone their trading skills. Even when actual trading is already being done, these practice accounts can still be used when testing new strategies and trading under specific conditions thus, minimizing potential losses.

Forex Central Clearing Ltd. offers three account types that traders can use – depending on the platform and the amount of investment they are willing to trade with.

Beginners with at least $1000 to invest can use the FXCC Standard account. It uses the MetaTrader4 platform that most traders are accustomed to using. It offers a 0.33% margin, 0.05 lot minimal trade sizes, and a 1:300 maximum leverage.

FXCC Advanced accounts are open to traders who can deposit a minimum of $50,000. This offers them an API and MetaTrader4 platform, 1:200 maximum leverage, 0.1 lot minimal trade size, and a 0.5% margin.

Finally, Brokers & Treasuries accounts are open for traders who can invest a minimum of $200,000. This gives them about the same maximum leverage, minimal trade size, and margin as that of the Advanced account. However, the platforms used are API, Bridge or White Label. They have up to 70 pairs allotted for spot Forex, without access to mobile and web trading.

While fxcc.com continues to provide innovations on how to further up their traders’ craft, they specifically cater to traders who are non-residents and non-citizens of the United States.

About FXCC.com
FXCC is a regulated Foreign Exchange Broker that offers a wide range of trading technologies and services. Our ECN/STP business model allows our clients to take advantage of transparent real-time pricing. For more information, please visit: http://www.fxcc.com