FXHOLIC Contest Revolutionizes the Way Forex Trading Beginners Enter Capital Markets partners with ALPARI FS taking a bet on beating down Forex Trading Newbies’ hesitation in a revolutionary manner.


Larnaca, Cyprus -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/16/2011 -- While Global Foreign Exchange Markets tend to exceed a daily turnover of 4 Trillion, everyday more internet users seek their way out of recession jumping on the Currency Trading train. They hear about huge returns and profit potential, they hear they can start with little capital but are afraid to test the waters opening a Live Account, mainly because they don’t have the knowledge and they can’t afford to see their limited capital wiped off. designed a Contest with Forex Newbies in mind, addressing these exact drawbacks and offering both training and motivation in a very beginners-friendly environment.

“Once you lack knowledge, you lack confidence and even if you just obtained knowledge on the basics of Forex Technical Analysis, you still won’t dare to risk your hard earned money. You need a Risk-Free challenge and a strong motive.” says Founder Dr Sofia Stavropoulou adding “We injected the element of motivation to our Contest, to make new Forex Enthusiasts overcome hesitation and push themselves to apply what they learned going after a handsome Prize of 10K euro demo-trading with Zero Risk. The only Commitment we expect from their side – which also shields the Contest from unwelcome intruders- is a deposit of 200euro with a Live Account. But really, who would opt in for FOREX without intending to invest real money in it anyway? After all, FOREX is about trading money. It can’t get any better than this.”

Big News are FXHOLIC Contest first circle just started welcoming the lucky first 1000 Contestants from all over the world.

Unlike other Forex Related Contests, this one is focused on the Forex Beginner and its basic principle lies in two fundamental yet simple elements: Training and Unbiased Trading. Contestants will focus on applying what they learned on their trades aiming for profits without the fear of losing their own money and in addition to that, they’ll keep trading on an active mode chasing a great Prize, instead of experimenting with un-realistic tactics playing around without a plan in their Demo-Accounts. On a parallel basis, they’ll be able to setup real trades with their Live Accounts as they grow more confident day by day. This is not a Contest about elaborated strategies and sophisticated tactics. This is not a Contest about super-performers and secret formulas. Its core is about manifesting how easily anyone can enter the world of Global Capital Markets by learning the basics about Currency Trading and Risk Management and applying the knowledge with religious discipline thus securing a steadily growing additional source of income using an internet connection.

In order to take advantage of this opportunity, candidates should follow 4 simple steps:

STEP 1 : Join the Contest by Registering for a LIVE-Account with ALPARI FS.
STEP 2 : Deposit €200 into their live account, then open a Demo
STEP 3 : Download the Forex Training Material offered by, watch and participate to the Webinars they’ll be invited to and feel free to contact FXholic Team through any of Social Media Profiles.
STEP 4 : The First who Triples their DEMO-Money wins €10,000.

FXholic Contest Conditions:
1. By Participating in the FXholic Contest candidates admit that they are a FOREX Trading Beginners, and they’re not associated by any means with any Forex Broker or Financial Institution.
2. They are aware of the fact, that the Contest’s 1st Phase starts as soon as 1000 Contestants have joined.
3. They are willing to participate in FXholic Contest’s 1st Phase which is a FOREX Education and Training Program lasting for 1 Month.
4. They accept the condition that once the 1st Phase is completed, they’ll participate in 2nd Phase which involves trading real funds on their live account.
5. Winner of the Contest will be the Contestant who manages to TRIPLE FIRST their Demo Account Equity, and the FXholic Contest’s PRIZE is a Deposit of €10,000 (payable by FXholic) in Winner’s LIVE Account with ALPARI FS.

The Advantages offered to the people who want to join are many:
1. They become members of a Group of like-minded people who are after the same goal.
2. They open LIVE and DEMO-Accounts with a Forex Broker hand-picked among World’s top rated ones.
3. They get access to Training Material through an interactive environment where they can all communicate, discuss, analyze, ask and test what they learn on various Social Media Platforms such as: FACEBOOK, Twitter, Linkedin, Skype and Youtube.
4. DEMO-Trading becomes a fascinating experience, not a sterile field of experimentation.
5. One of the 1000 Contestants will win the Prize of 10K EURO.
6. All 1000 Contestants will familiarize themselves with Forex Trading Platforms and Market’s Environment, gain confidence and positive momentum which are necessary elements for successful Live Trading.

New FOREX Enthusiasts can find more about FXHOLIC Contest by visiting the Site :

If they wish to join the Contest, here is the link:

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