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FXHQ Announces Launch of Free Forex Academy Program for Novice and Experienced Traders


Boca Raton, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/22/2015 -- Israel Cohen, founder of FXHQ, announced the launch of its new FXHQ Forex Academy program. The free educational opportunity teaches and helps individuals learn the Forex trading methodology from experienced Forex traders. Participants can access the program in multiple languages from around the world.

Forex has the distinction of being the most traded market in the world and the new course is open to individuals of every level of experience. The program encompasses every aspect of Forex trading and includes case studies. The Forex Academy program is specially designed to impart the skills and knowledge required to become successful Forex traders.

With FXHQ Forex lessons, participants advance at their own speed through the 14-course program. Experienced traders help individuals learn how to identify and take advantage of trading opportunities and when not to enter a trade. Future traders will learn about the many Forex tools, calculators and software available.

Even though Forex stocks typically have low commissions and fees, individuals will learn how to take a conservative approach, minimize losses and how to apply leverage. The Forex Academy Program teaches participants about Forex and its methods beginning with the basics to ensure a thorough understanding of the principles and how to apply them. The program is also beneficial for those who want a refresher course or desire advanced principles.

The interactive educational platform ensures that someone is available 24/7 to explain and answer questions. Students practice trading in a risk free environment before conducting trades in the real world. Provided online, the course is available whenever it's convenient for participants and there's no pressure to advance at a rate with which they aren't comfortable.

There's a psychology to trading in any financial market and those who lose money do so by engaging in emotional trading. The Forex Academy program analyzes the emotional and psychological aspect of trading for individuals and teaches them how to avoid the pitfalls associated with emotional trading through watching trends and employing analytical thinking.

The launch of the FXHQ Forex Academy program provides essential information for anyone who wants to trade on the market. The 14-course program is appropriate for novice and experienced traders, walking individuals through every nuance of trading with Forex and providing them with 24/7 support, assistance and advice.

For more information, Cohen can be reached by phone at 855-550-4517 or visit FXHQ online.

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