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G-Lock Email Verifier by G-Lock Software Now Available for Purchase


Minsk, Belarus -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/07/2012 -- To ensure proper delivery, it is important to maintain a clean mailing list by keeping it free of undeliverable emails. ISP mail servers have been known to block the emails of certain senders for repeatedly sending messages to non-existent email addresses.

Individuals and businesses interested in increasing their email campaign’s performance are turning to G-Lock Software’s Advanced Email Verifier, viewable at http://www.glocksoft.com/email-verifier/. The company recently released the new 8 version of their email list cleaner, two-in-one software that also includes a bounced processor. G-Lock Software’s Advanced Email Verifier is “the only email list cleaner tool on the market that is able to process bounced emails and guarantees almost 100% accuracy in detecting bad email addresses”.

Apart from being easy to use, powerful, and reliable, the Advanced Email Verifier is well liked for its ability to deal with large email lists and databases. Users can load large mailing lists in seconds to check email validity. This email list verifier quickly connects to a huge database such as MS SQL, My SQL, MS Access, Oracle and other ODBC compatible databases containing millions of emails and verifies email addresses directly from the database, saving the user time and manual labor.

Users can sort and filter email addresses easily, organizing information in a way that is most convenient to them. Checking email syntax is also possible through a special verification system. To learn more about the Advanced Email Verifier capabilities, users can go through the product tour available at http://www.glocksoft.com/email-verifier/aev-tour/why-use-advanced-email-verifier/

The Advanced Email Verifier is known for its potential to handle bounced emails extracting the recipient’s email address and original message subject. This allows the user to easily find the recipient in their database and take them off the list. In addition to bounced emails handling, the Advanced Email Verifier can delete auto-reply and challenge-response messages from the mail server keeping the user’s Inbox clean and saving time.

Users can safely save and recover their data to be assured that none of their email lists are lost after the program re-installation or transfer to a different computer.

Potential customers can download the free trial version of the Advanced Email Verifier and evaluate the program before they make their purchase. G-Lock Software offers a number of tutorials for their email checker program, accessible at http://www.glocksoft.com/email-verifier/aev-video-tutorials/.

About G-Lock Software
G-Lock Software develops software for different programming environments. Currently, the company’s emphasis is on tools and applications in the field of SEO and email marketing. Among its major products are G-Lock EasyMail bulk email sender and newsletter software, G-Lock Analytics real time email tracking system, Advanced Email Verifier email list cleaner and verification software, G-Lock Email Processor advanced email processing and parsing software, Fast Directory Submitter directory submission tool for creating permanent one-way backlinks, Fast Blog Finder blog commenting software, and Backlink Diver link verifier and PageRank checker tool. For more information, please visit http://www.glocksoft.com