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Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/07/2020 -- Gabay & Gottlieb Cosmetic Surgery, a provider of breast augmentation services in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas, is currently booking patients who are interested in cosmetic procedures. For those who are specifically looking for breast augmentation services, it's essential to understand the post-surgery recovery period and what activities should be avoided, such as strenuous exercise, sleeping on one's side, and being exposed to water, to ensure the best results possible.

Anyone who has surgery understands that strenuous exercise should be avoided during the recovery period, and the same holds for breast augmentation. Some light exercise – such as lower body workouts or cardio – is acceptable; however, for best results, it's best to avoid running and high impact workouts that might cause the breast tissue to move around and dislodge the implants or reopen the surgical wounds before they are entirely healed. Restricted exercise also includes tasks that aren't typically thought of as "strenuous," such as pushing a full shopping cart or certain house chores.

Like strenuous exercise, an individual who has undergone breast surgery should also do their best to avoid sleeping on their side or stomach because it can dislodge the implant. Even if the implant does stay in place, though, or the wounds are not reopened as a result, it can cause other issues that might impact how the breast tissue finally looks at the end of the recovery period.

Finally, it's best to avoid water as much as possible following a breast augmentation procedure. Although showers are permitted eventually, they should be avoided for a couple of days following the procedure to give the breast tissue time to heal. At no point should a patient go swimming while they are recovering from a breast augmentation procedure.

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