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Gabrielle Collins: New Authorized Clean Green Nation Partner in Honolulu, Hawaii


Honolulu, HI -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/08/2011 -- Gabrielle Collins is now an authorized Clean Green Nation partner. As of 2011, energy saving products have become more available to home and business owners. Collins specializes in solar power, wind LED lighting, energy efficient products and green living education.

The green movement is taking the world by storm. With natural resources decreasing quickly, consumers are recognizing the needs for sustainable energy. As a result, wind and solar energy products have come out of hiding and are making waves in communities around the world. Clean Green Nation is focused on providing consumers with affordable energy efficient products and energy saving solutions for their home or business. Small changes that result in an energy efficient house can lead to big savings in the cost of heating and electricity.

As an authorized partner, Gabrielle Collins is able to provide consumers with accurate information on green ideas, wind power kits, solar panel installation and Energy Star appliances. On her website, consumers will have access to a solar and wind calculator which estimates the amount of energy used, cost of installing solar panels or wind power and the amount of money that can be saved over time. Additionally, the onsite resource center provides consumers with valuable information on the benefits of sustainable energy and how to apply for tax rebates and government incentives that reimburse the cost of installing solar energy.

Clean Green Nation is determined to help consumers eliminate the dependency on foreign oil through their various programs. Home and business owners interested in finding out how sustainable energy options can benefit them in Wahiawa, HI are encouraged to contact Gabrielle Collins for more information.

About Clean Green Nation
Clean Green Nation is the leading manufacturer of green energy products. The company works throughout Canada and the United States to provide sustainable energy and green living information to home and business owners. Find more information by visiting http://www.hawaii.cleangreennation.com. For more information on Clean Green Nation products and services in Wahiawa, Hawaii contact Gabrielle Collins via email at gabriellec@cleangreennation.com or phone at (888) 566-1344.