Gaby Gonen - a Life Alert Professional Who Believes in Putting People First


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/14/2013 -- When it comes to our health and safety as we age, we count on our doctors and emergency response service providers to make sure we get the care and attention we need during critical times. If something does happen and emergency services are needed, the doctors, surgeons, emergency response teams and other medical staff are the people that receive the praise. There is however a concept that has been around for almost 30 years that ensures that our seniors have a greater chance to be treated by those professionals:  Life Alert, one of the largest Life Alert offices in the country, located in New York City and headed by  Gaby Gonen .  Led by Gaby Gonen and his staff, thousands of people find the resources they need to get the help they require in their time of emergency, whether it concerns medical, police or fire emergencies.

Working with over 70 people coming from all different backgrounds, ages, ethnicities and abilities, Gaby Gonen doesn’t just strive to have his team “hit the numbers,” outselling the other offices or his competitors. Constantly learning and improving himself and gladly and openly sharing it with his team, he believes that the success he has is not measured by how many people he manages or how large his office grows; his success is determined by how effective and helpful those he manages are. And with thousands of real individuals getting the emergency services they need every year because of Gonen and his team, his work is getting excellent reviews.

Without the hard and painstaking work that Gaby Gonen and his New York Life Alert team bring, thousands of people may have ended up in the cold, institutionalized, impersonal worlds of nursing homes and similar facilities. Thanks to Gonen and his team, however, they are able to lead independent and more fulfilling lives from their homes knowing they can get the care they need if any emergency happens.

Often accused of being a “perfectionist,” Gonen disagrees, “I've come to see and believe that it is of paramount importance that my work as a supervisor manifests itself in two ways: my sense of honesty and integrity. Each health care salesperson that I employ is no better or worse than the other and the only form of judgement on my part is based on their production, effort, our subscriber’s satisfaction, their commitment to Life Alert and, most importantly, their attitude.” Instead, he feels that his management and work ethic reflect his leadership style which in turn gives his team the drive they need to continue the success they’ve created.

The people helped by Life Alert services know that without dedicated managers like Gaby Gonen and his team, tens of thousands of people wouldn’t be able to live far longer in the comfort of their homes and the families who love them. Contact Gaby at Life Alert New York office.

About Life Alert
Life Alert ® is a Personal Emergency Response and Home Medical Alert System company that saves lives from catastrophic outcomes, using a unique technology to provide superior home audio monitoring protection. Life Alert ® handles over two million calls a year, and on average saves at least one life from a catastrophic outcome every 11 minutes (over 48,000 in 2011). In Life Alert’s Monitoring Center, the size of its emergency staff per member is 200% greater than a traditional security company.





Gaby Gonen