GABY GONEN: The Only Answer to Sales

Meet GABY GONEN, the sales veteran Sales Manager at LIFE ALERT Company in New York.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/09/2013 -- Meet GABY GONEN, the sales veteran Sales Manager at LIFE ALERT Company in New York, a man so integrated into sales’ system and with vast achievements not only in meeting the consumers’ expectations, but also creating work plans to motivate his staff and Direct sellers in providing customers with quality products and services. Gonen believes in achieving quality through merging the workforce within the company, the produced products, and services provided by doing the right thing at the right time to the customer’s benefit.

At LIFE ALERT, you will often hear Gonen use four distinct words in describing the services and care provided to their customers: Quality, Attention, Commitment and Value. To meet the consumer’s expectations, Mr. Gonen believes in developing a designed work chart so as to ensure there is maximum likelihood in identifying, appraising, reviewing and taking appropriate actions to improve and facilitate the provision of valued services. Alternatively, Gonen makes every effort in inspiring personnel, who has direct impact on service provision, in all departments of the business. According to him, happy workers are the best workers and will provide better services, if and only if, they are considered, inspired and given an opportunity in making sales decisions. Sequentially, this will lead to customer’s satisfaction.

The New York office is devoted to providing quality service, with bottomless focus on helping their customers maintain and continue having protected lifestyle coupled with reliable level-headedness. All this is achieved through teamwork approach, with success in mind. Though sales is frequently considered as a solitary profession, the development and implementation of teamwork is of great significance. GABY GONEN treats teamwork as firm foundation in: presenting social interaction, sharing skills and experience, utilizing the full scope of experiences from each team member, creating large customer opportunities, developing sales and consumer strategies, and finally creating opportunities to motivate and develop the staff. He further trusts that good teamwork, in sales departments, assembles together all the abilities within the team to capitalize on sales performance and provide motivational prospects for both staff maturity and empowerment and also social interaction.

Life Alert
For over 18 years, LIFE ALERT Emergency Response, Inc, with headquarters located in Encino California, has been offering its clients with adequate quality services with nationwide operation. With over 600 employees, more than 1500000 clients and different offices around the country, Life Alert has been in the forefront in providing life threatening emergencies response to affected clients. Home emergencies, for instance a seizure, accidental fall, stroke, heart attack or any other severe illness can lead to persons lying down and in pain for hours without any help. This is where Life Alert comes in. Life Alert saves lives by quickly summoning help before the accident/injury becomes life threatening scenario.

As the sales manager of LIFE ALERT, New York branch, GABY GONEN aims at working closely with his direct sellers and staff in providing residents from all 50 states, with readily available medical help in life threatening events. He intends to continuously improve his team and himself in order to protect the seniors and any family member in home health emergency.

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