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GADCapital Launches Secured Title Loans as More Affordable Alternative to Payday Loans

GADCapital is offering a new form of secured title loan that uses the equity of an automobile as security on a loan that offers far better repayment rates than typical payday loans.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/27/2014 -- After seven years feeling the fall out of the global economic crisis, the poorest people in America are still struggling to make ends meet, and when they are unable to do so it comes with dire potential consequences. In order to prevent from losing their homes or worse, many turn to payday loans as a means to bridge the gap in their finances. Too often people use unreliable companies with astronomical rates that actually make their situation worse. GADCapital is dedicated to providing sensible payday loan solutions, and is now offering Title Loans as a means to more reasonably access short term cash without the high interest associated with payday loans.

GADCapital’s Title Loan program ( has a four step qualification program, requiring potential borrowers to have citizenship, an income, a car and be over 18 years old. After meeting these basic criteria, GAD can arrange a loan based on the value of the car, even for those with a poor credit history.

GADCapital ( are offering this service as an alternative to their payday loans program that provides a more affordable solution for those with security in the form of an automobile. This is part of their continuing commitment to offer the most appropriate financial solutions possible for those most in need.

A spokesperson for GADCapital explained, “As well as now offering Title Loans, we have also started a payday loan consolidation program so that those finding themselves borrowing money to repay existing loans can instead compile their existing loans into a single lump sum and pay it back with a single, more affordable monthly payment. We are all about bringing the chaos of spiraling debt under control, and clients trust us to offer them expert independent advice that aims to get them debt free while still able to cover sudden shortfalls in case of emergency.”

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GADCapital is committed to providing hard working Americans with an alternative and quick short term aid to meet their immediate financial needs through Payday Loans and Title Loans. They also help individuals consolidate all Payday Loans into one affordable Monthly Payment through their leading consolidation services. For more information please visit: