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Most businesses struggle to keep up with Google's requirements for fresh and engaging content for their website.


Sarasota, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2013 -- Google have made it clear with their Panda and Penguin updates that they're on a mission to rid the Google search index of spam. For any company involved in publishing content online this means that the days of publishing cheap spam are now a thing of the past. In fact Google are so serious about maintaining the quality of websites displayed in their search results that they've employed human site reviewers to tag web spam wherever they find it. In short Google has declared war on spammy websites and blogs.

Competing in the world of digital marketing and publishing will require the kind of SEO-optimized content required to both drive free organic search engine traffic to a website, and also engage those same visitors - ideally with them bookmarking or sharing the site as a result.

Niall Walker, marketing manager for Gaelforce Media, shared the following with us, "Our main focus is on working with clients who take their online business seriously, so we're deliberately avoiding providing a $10 article creation service - that's just not what we're about. If you look at companies like Demand Media, who have over one million (1,000,000) unique visitors per month, you'll notice that they spend between $20 and $40 for every article published on their site. They've proven that you simply cannot get a sustainable return-on-investment from cheap, poorly written content. At Gaelforce we work with companies to maximize their online presence, rankings and revenues by providing them with a professional SEO content writing service ."

It appears that the major search engines are returning to the days when quality mattered more than quantity. Websites with exceptional content are being rewarded for their efforts, while websites with cheap, poorly written or spun content are being actively penalized. Google, after all, is a gigantic online advertising and publishing concern, so they simply can't afford to have hordes of online publishers clogging their search results with spam, the only aim of which is to earn a few Adsense dollars in the process.

High-quality content is the key for any business to benefit from free search engine traffic, something which Gaelforce Media seem to be in a position to provide.

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Based in Sarasota, Florida the Gaelforce team have a background in online marketing as well as content creation, professional web copywriting , so they're perfectly situated to help digital marketers with anything from a set of blog posts to a press release or sales copy for a website.

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