Gaia Collection Focuses in Providing Artistic Pot Design and the Positive Effects of Pot Making to an Individual


Rowville, Victoria -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/07/2016 -- is a company that specializes in producing innovative Gaia Collection. The various pot items that the company provides are used as home décor by many known individuals in their respective careers. The craftsmanship that can be seen in each and every piece that the company produces shows exotic and exciting designs. Just recently, the company participated in the 2016 Kala Ghoda Arts Festival that happened in Mumbai, India. The Art festival showcases the different styles and design of the items being exposed to the event.

Pottery is a form of art that allows an individual to make a connection to the surroundings through the pot making process. Most people who are into pottery find peace and calmness in doing one item. The clay that is used as key material for pot making are taken from the earth, this is one of the main reason as to why pot artist like Ken Nagakui feels the connection to the environment. According to Nagakui, "Pottery is more a connection with the environment".

In addition to this, pottery is also considered as art therapy by many, this is due to the relaxing effect that pot making gives to its partaker. Mubarakka Nandi, an instructor in pot making classes, has seen her student letting off their stress by making a pot. Pot making also teaches her an important lesson in life. According to Nandi, pottery teaches her to let go and to be patience. She adds that because people usually get attached with the clay.

Gaia collection showcases not only the artistic talent of an individual but it also promotes healthy living to everyone. is one of the many companies that acknowledges the talent of its employee and provides better recognition by entering to different art festivals in the country.

About Gaia Collection
Gaia is a company that focuses on providing lasting sensory experiences in everyday meal of every individual. The resurgence of handmade dinnerware, pots and vases have started to dominate the scene and Gaia Collection is in the front row.

The Gaia collection includes a variety of items to enhance your home décor, with vases of all shapes, sizes and colors and unique teapot serving sets are a few of the many artisanal pieces created by master craftsmen.

The exciting designs of the Gaia Collection bring a sense of the exotic and exclusive to your home with interesting materials and highly stylized patterns to catch the eye and fan the fine of curiosity of everyone.

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