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Dr. Cortney Dice and Dr. James Nall have introduced holistic chiropractic solutions, which has shown more positive results in their patients. Dedicated to helping people live a pain free life, both doctors have religiously followed the path of natural cure for pain.


Durham, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/17/2013 -- Pain in the human body is unavoidable if people are following today’s lifestyle of working hard and partying even harder. As adults and children face today’s increasingly stressful life, their bodies will tend to give up one day and the first sign will be pain! It can be in the neck, back, leg or head. Pain indicates that some thing is wrong with the body and needs to be set straight before it turns chronic. Pain pills and rest can charge the body for some time but what the body needs is a lifestyle that will take care of 4 important aspects of life. Dr. Cortney Dice and Dr. James Nall believe in their philosophy of think well, eat well, move well, and supplement well.

The Durham Chiropractor treatment involves:-

- Back, neck, joint and leg pain relief
- Providing natural health care
- Revitalizing body and mind
- Increasing energy
- No quick fix drugs or surgeries
- Lasting effect of treatment

The husband and wife team are holistic doctors and therefore will not only treat the pain area but also the body as a whole. They provide individualistic treatments for each patient. Their treatment is based on the patient’s age, body type, health and comfort. A family owned business; they treat patients as apart of their family and extend the same support in treatment. They take into consideration the patient’s comfort level at all times during their treatment.

The benefits of this Durham Chiropractor approach are
- Holistic treatment
- Treat every individual as per their needs
- Family owned business
- Best working hours
- Flexible payment facility

About Dr. Cortney Dice Nall, D.C., C.K.T.P. and Dr. James Nall D.C., C.K.T.P.
Dr. Cortney Dice Nall, D.C., C.K.T.P. and Dr. James Nall D.C., C.K.T.P. are trained Durham NC Chiropractors known for utilizing the most up to date natural health care technologies. Dr. Cortney Nall, the Durham Chiropractor believes that Chiropractic is the science and art of taking pressure off the nervous system. The less stressed human beings are, the healthier they remain. They believe that physical, nutritional, and emotional factors together make up the foundation for all aspects of a person’s health. They feel satisfied if they are able to help their patients maintain balance in these three areas and live a healthy life.

Media Contact:
Name: Dr. Cortney Dice, D.C.
Location: Durham, NC