Gaining Size Site Launch Aimed at Transforming Skinny Guys

Are the people trying to gain weight being left in the darkness?


Auckland, New Zealand -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/10/2013 -- Everywhere people go there is some form of reference to losing weight, whether it be from advertisements, the overweight man working his ass off in the park because he has decided to turn his life around, or the plethora of clothes shops which don’t cater for the obese, at all.

The emphasis on losing weight is undeniable in our society. And while that’s great, it takes nearly all of the attention away from the people trying to gain weight.

This culture shrugs off people trying to gain weight because it’s mostly seen as an easy task to do; hell, all those people who are obese seemed to find it simple. But while losing weight and gaining weight are on two different sides of the scale (no pun intended), they both share similar hardships – finding it incredibly difficult to reach their goals, and having trouble maintaining the weight gain/loss.

There are thousands of young men and women who have been too skinny their whole life; and while that may seem like the dream, it’s a real curse in a lot of cases. Not being able to gain weight and/or muscle can affect one’s mental health, and it seems as though people are suffering without any real acknowledgment.

"I speak from experience. I was the kid who was underweight my whole life, and even if I gained some weight after an immense effort, it dwindled away. After searching through books, asking friends, and browsing the internet, there was no real source that struck me. Then I stumbled upon a man who taught me how to add size and increase strength, all while staying healthy and maintaining the gains."

"I’m putting all my knowledge and efforts into helping out the skinny “hardgainers” with their goals of becoming the best versions of themselves. Giving people a voice is a powerful thing, and I hope more people join my newsletter to be part of our community and to change their lives."

John Davis - Gaining Size
New Zealand, Auckland