Joe Bragg Gives Patients the Confidence to Smile Again


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/13/2012 -- Dentistry has been around for thousands of years. Researchers have found that prehistoric men were drilling holes in patients’ teeth between 5500 and 7000 BC. It is believed that these early dentists used flint drill tips to access hard-to-reach molars, although the exact reason for doing this is unknown.

The first person to be identified as a dental practitioner was Hesy-Re, an Egyptian scribe who died in 2600 BC. By 100 BC, a Roman medical writer called Celsus had written extensively about oral hygiene, treatments for toothache and stabilizing loose teeth. The first gold crowns and fixed bridgework were used by the Etruscans in the second century AD and by 700 AD the Chinese were using a type of amalgam silver paste for fillings.

Luckily dentistry has improved in leaps and bounds since then and advanced technology means patients no longer need to have unsightly silver fillings. Cosmetic dentistry has become increasingly popular and people living in and around the City of Henderson in Nevada have been taking advantage of the services on offer from Galleria Family Dental.

Galleria Family Dental is a child friendly Henderson cosmetic dentist. The owner of the practice, Dr Stephen Hahn DDS, explained, “My team understands the patience and sensitivity needed when treating children. Furthermore, by making use of the latest technology in dental care, patients will have the confidence to smile again”.

The Galleria Family Dental website is easy to navigate. The Services tab on the home page main menu classifies the services offered by the Henderson dentist into categories such as fillings, dental implants, bridges and dentures. Simply select one of the categories to find out more about the procedure.

The home page features high quality imagery showing the dramatic results that can be obtained through cosmetic dentistry as well as before and after pictures.

The site has a “contact us” page with a Google map pinpointing the location of the practice. New patients visiting this page can claim a voucher offering $50 off their dental care, after the initial consultation.

As well as accepting American Express, Visa and Master Card, Galleria Family Dental accepts insurance plans from a wide variety of providers and these are all listed under the insurance plans tab. The site also features testimonials from some of its many satisfied patients.

About Galleria Family Dental
Galleria Family Dental is run by Dr Stephen Hahn DDS. He graduated from the University of Colorado Dental School in 1992 and has practiced dentistry for more than sixteen years. He has extensive training and continuing education in the areas of implant surgery and cosmetic dentistry and is well versed in treating children with patience and sensitivity.

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