Gallery B Designs Help Breathe New Life to Existing Space


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/27/2014 -- Discriminating homeowners who are not satisfied with just any kind of interior decoration can now breathe a sigh of relief. A well-known team of interior designers, Gallery B Designs, announces the availability of their services to up-scale homeowners who are looking for excellence and high quality living spaces.

This interior design Orlando team offers a creative, yet sensitive design hand in renovation and home remodeling Orlando projects. They intend to provide new life to a client’s present space. Homeowners will find this team very capable in what they do because they lead in the design specification process in order to come up with a wise balance of design and budget.

The thing that makes this team of interior designers effective in their craft is that they join hands with the architect early in the design process. They complement the architectural plans with their unique and timeless interior elements. This results in good design continuity and harmonious rhythm between the two separate endeavors.

Homeowners like the works of Gallery B Designs because of their dramatic interior details that projects elegance and period accuracy. These interior designers Orlando are real experts in cultivating functionality that modern living spaces are craving for.

The services offered by Gallery B Designs are comprehensive. These include conceptual design, space planning, renderings, built-in design, ceiling design, tile drawings, seamless integration of old and new in remodeling projects, thematic interiors, lighting design, working drawings, theater design, interiors consultation services, and many more. All of these can be summed up by their approach: ‘Beautiful living spaces that complement the life of the client’.

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Gallery B Designs has a combined 24 years of design experience, which enables it to create award-winning custom interior designs, interior detailing and architectural elements. For more information, please visit

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