Gallia Tech Set to Take on Apple with Their Ultra Functional L'Ultime Smartphone

Gallia Tech launch a fundraising campaign on IndieGogo to help with the development of their Ultra Functional L'Ultime Smartphone


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/01/2014 -- Apple were once the leaders in the home computer world and became leaders in the mobile phone market with their iPhones, however it seems they are quickly losing their crown in the mobile phone world with all the problems they are having.

The iPhone was supposed to be the best phone that a consumer could ever buy, however in recent years their updates have caused problems with their recent update being one of their most serious.

People who updated their iPhone using the ios 7.1 update complained their battery power was being lost with some reporting their battery was lasting less than two hours with some reporting it was only lasting less than half an hour, so it is no wonder more people are moving away from Apple and their iPhones.

Now among the many mobile phone companies, who are looking to overtake Apple, comes in the form of a little known company called Gallia Tech. Although not many people have heard of them, they are being called one of the most exciting mobile phone manufactures in the industry with their plan to give mobile phone users a very powerful phone for a lot less money.

Gallia Tech are releasing their Ultra Functional Smartphone, called L'Ultime, Where the phone will be fully functional with its Intel x86 architecture where they claim it will be the most secure smartphone on the market. It will be running both windows 1.8, any Linux Distro and Android-x86. It will have a 4core CPU up to 2.9Gh, up to 4GB RAM and UP to 1TB ssd storage where it will be delivered with a wireless 12" Full HD Multitouch screen.

The mobile phone which has already got mobile phone exerts excited and gadget geeks, has a new twist about it. The company behind the phone have launched a campaign to raise funds to help generate the phone and are hoping to raise $3,108,534.12.

Gallia Tech have launched the fundraising campaign on IndieGogo where they want people who are fed up of expensive mobile phones that do not live up to their expectations to come forward and help them develop the most exciting mobile phone on the market and donate from as little as $1

A spokesman for Gallia Tech said: “We are making great progress with our mobile phone and receiving a great deal of support, we are now looking for people to help with the funds that are needed for the rest of the development, design, manufacturing and marketing.”

Mobile phone experts have said this is the first time they have seen a company launch such a campaign to develop a product but could be the way forward. One thing is for sure, the mobile phone could be known as the people’s mobile phone and with all the people that are expected to get behind it, and with the new technology they are using, it could become a serious threat to Apple and their iPhone.

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