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Game-Changing New Book Teaches Readers How to Bet and Win Like a True Sports Betting Junkie

‘Junkie: Confessions of a Sports Bettor’ transports readers inside the mind of a real-life sports betting junkie. Telling the author’s personal story and winning and losing everything, readers will gain a unique perspective on this lucrative yet destructive past-time.


Kansas City, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/31/2012 -- Having won huge sums of money as a true sports betting addict, author Geraldo Pazar also lost everything he owned. Now, from the thrills and adrenaline of match day to the bottom depths of his despair, Pazar invites readers into his life as they experience life as sports betting junkies.

‘Junkie: Confessions of a Sports Bettor’ is hailed as one of the most complete full-circle books ever written on the subject.


Get tips, tricks and advice on how to make hundreds of thousands of dollars betting sports!

Also, go inside the mind of an addict and hear the tragic story of two Midwestern men who lost it all, and nearly their lives, from the evils of a sports betting addiction.

As the author explains, the book has two very different objectives.

“The first is to provide some serious and concrete tips, tricks and strategies that will help readers win big on match day,” says Pazar, who uses his personal experiences to allow others to make informed choices about their own gambling habits.

He continues, “It also gives people a look at the world of sports betting, the highest highs and the lowest lows, including one guy who lost everything he ever had.”

With gambling on the rise in post-recession America, the author hopes that people will literally see both sides of the coin and make an objective decision about how they spin their wheels of chance.

“In short, the book is a ‘decide-for-yoursel’ rollercoaster ride look at sports betting in its entirety,” he adds.

The book kicks off with a personal and frankly-honest account if how Pazar got hooked into the world of betting. However, following a few early wins and multiple strokes of luck, his new-found addiction drove his personal and financial lives down the path of bitter tragedy.

Offering readers this intimate glimpse into his life, Pazar furnishes readers with all of the strategies and information they need to make an informed decision about their own betting activities.

“I’m certainly not saying that betting is wrong or immoral. In fact, far from that; betting can be a very successful and lucrative hobby if approached and controlled in the right way. I got caught up on the wrong side of things, but it is more than possible to enjoy betting without entering the addictive underworld,” he says.

Critics praise Pazar for sharing his account with the world and laying the cards on the table for those who may be about to derail their own lives as a result of gambling addictions.

‘Junkie: Confessions of a Sports Bettor’, published by Amazon Digital Services, can be purchased online: http://amzn.to/U245yo

About Ernest Geraldo Pazar
After a 5 year career in professional sports and news media (having interviewed athletes from Jeff Gordon to The Harlem Globetrotters) Ernest Geraldo Pazar shares more than 10 years of the sports gambling experience. I have lived in Vegas and crushed the sports books...I also went a few weeks without a home.

Now, I share the tips, tricks and stories that's made and lost me hundreds and thousands of dollars betting sports!