Game-changing Online SEO Software Rolled Out in Beta

Only several hundred of first WebMeUp beta users will take advantage of nearly zero-low pricing for fully functional and industry standard online SEO software


Minsk, Belarus -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/03/2012 -- WebMeUp, a spirited IT startup and the company behind geeky online SEO tools of the same name, announced the beta launch of their software today. First lucky users have just received their beta invites to use WebMeUp for as low as 10% of its normal price and with 15 days of free trial.

What's special about this software?
WebMeUp team goes an extra mile in making their new-born app stand out in the market of web-based SEO tools. Intuitive, uber reliable and secure, this all-in-one online SEO software is meant for the upstream segment of internet marketers.

Daily data updates, lots of metrics for professional, results-driven SEO – that's what web promoters who are serious about making websites rank and sell can rely on.

WebMeUp Plans and Prices
The software has three pricing plans to cater for the users of all walks of SEO – from beginners with smaller sites to experts with many (or larger) sites.

During the beta phase only, the invited users will have a unique chance to use fully functional $ 49.95-worth Standard Plan for as low as $ 4.95 a month.

Moreover, users are entitled to a 15-day free trial. That said, WebMeUp ensures extra frequent data updates: most data is renewed daily, not weekly as with other online SEO tools. Thus, 15-day trial lets WebMeUp users get more SEO data than they would have accumulated with other providers for 30 days.

How do I get a WebMeUp invite?
To get a WebMeUp invite and enjoy the early-bird perks, users can register at http://webmeup.com/.

"WebMeUp team strives to make everything we design and code as friendly, engaging and intuitive as possible for the people who will be using it," says WebMeUp spokesperson. "With 30+ people on board, we are ready to make WebMeUp your number one Internet Marketing tool."

For more information, visit http://webmeup.com/ or write to alexandra@webmeup.com.

About WebMeUp
WebMeUp is the all-in-one web-based SEO solution for bloggers, internet marketers and SEOs. Our vision is to provide everyone who are serious about making sites rank and sell with a top-performing SEO data app for the lowest price in the market.

Contact: Alexandra Shkalikova, alexandra@webmeup.com, +375447761416