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Game Repair Celebrating 24 Years in Business


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/10/2013 -- After 24 years, Game Repair has fixed anything from the Atari to the Playstation 3 and has seen it all. These consoles are released with the latest technology, and sometimes that means that it isn't completely stable yet. When the internal components wear down a little or it is physically damaged from movement, then it has a high chance of not working like it did. In that case it needs to be repaired, and the most reliable and efficient game repairers have been located at Game Repair in Las Vegas, NV for 24 years. These repair experts know all of the tricks and will have any console working new in just a few hours.

Over these years there have been many changes in the gaming community, but this store has stayed current throughout them. Even when the technology got much more complicated and the problems did also, this store found the latest techniques to fix them. In the beginning of the latest generation of consoles the Xbox 360 had a design flaw, and many of them were breaking after just weeks of use. Game Repair had this problem covered in no time, and the owners' consoles were fixed and ready to game once again.

Feel free to bring in older consoles to be repaired in the shop. Game Repair fixes any console, back to the Atari, and has the expertise to get it back and running in no time. These classic gaming consoles weren't made to be used for multiple decades and could be falling apart over this time period. In order to keep these memories alive and enjoy the games of the past, it is important to get these consoles fixed. Generations to come will enjoy seeing the history behind the video games they play and how far they had to come. It may be a surprise to them that there wasn't always high-resolution 3D graphics or motion-sensing technology like the Wii U.

At Game Repair we are celebrating 24 years of fixing gaming consoles. With our expertise in technology, we have found many different ways to fix the consoles in an efficient amount of time. We also haven't forgotten about fixing the older consoles and will gladly fix any console from the past. These are costly investments, and when they break it is not cost efficient to just go out and buy a new one. Instead, the experts at Game Repair can have it up and running in no time at all. Whether you are an older gamer who enjoys the classics or a younger one with the latest technology, you can get your game console fixed at Game Repair in Las Vegas, NV.

More information on repairing consoles of all types and hardware customization is available through or by contacting them directly at 702-655-1921 or toll free 866-394-1906.

About Game Repair Inc.
Game Repair Inc. has been in business now for 23 years. WOW! We were once called Nintendo Repair and started our business on nellis and harris in Las Vegas, NV. All we did was repair Nintendo consoles and controllers. Customers began to ask for us to sell games and the rest is history.