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Game Repair Inc. Announces Xbox and PS3 Repair Services for September


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/10/2013 -- Game Repair Inc. is pleased to announce repair services for Xbox and PS3 consoles for September. School is back in session, and the one thing students will need after a long day of class is video games. But, they won’t be able to play their favorite Xbox and PS3 video games, if their systems aren’t working properly. As part of PS3 and Xbox repair in Las Vegas, Game Repair Inc., can fix issues with red ring error codes, disk drives and much more. The Xbox repair services offered by Game Repair Inc. are important because when problems occur, most people do not know how to fix them and spend countless hours blowing on disks, shaking the console and anything else them may think will resolve the problems. Handing over the Xbox to the professionals of Game Repair Inc. will save people effort, money and time, so they can get back to playing the games they love quickly.

Along with Xbox repair, PS3 repair in Las Vegas is also essential because Game Repair Inc. fix complex issues such as the “yellow light of death.” The professionals at the system repair service center in Las Vegas will have the issue fixed quickly, so the system can get back to working order. Game Repair Inc. is committed to having their customers get the best use out of their PS3 system, getting it back into pristine working condition. Other issues associated with the PS3 include power surges and information board freezes. Game Repair Inc. will make repairs in an efficient manner.

Game Repair Inc. offers residents of Las Vegas years of experience, making repairs to hundreds of consoles on a weekly basis. Within 24 hours of receiving the system for inspection, the repair service professionals will have the system fully inspected and will have a quote prepared. Pricing for the repairs on both the Xbox and PS3 systems can be found on the company website, along with many other services. People can also receive support by phone, by calling 1-866-394-1906.

About Game Repair Inc
Game Repair Inc., originally names Nintendo Repair, opened its business over 20 years ago and has grown into one of the largest game repair operations in the country. The family owned and operated business continues to grow to be the best repair shop in the world by using friendly customer service and premium repair work. The company’s service includes repairing various console and controllers, as well as buying and selling new and used games. Striving to be the best repair company, Game Repair Inc. stays up to date with the new systems, as well as researches older style games and systems.

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