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Game Repair Inc. in Las Vegas Announces Playstation 3 Repair Service


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/14/2013 -- With its wide variety of online video console assistance, Game Repair Inc. now offers PS3 repair in Las Vegas for multiple issues gamers may experience. Playstation 3 has been one of the most well-received and loved video game consoles since its inception into the marketplace over 6 years ago. With its combination of hard-drive based gaming and Blu-Ray capabilities, it is a console many want to keep for years to come. However, the console may be prone to errors, so it is important to use the trusted repair service offered by Game Repair Inc.

One of the major problems associated with Playstation 3 is the YLOD Yellow Light of Death. Without knowing the initial cause of problem, or way to fix it at home, the YLOD can turn any Playstation 3 into a useless piece of equipment. To get the console back in working order, customers can ship it to Game Repair Inc. so they can take care of the console in a timely manner. Game Repair Inc. is a trusted name in video game repair that gamers can depend on in an emergency situation.

Game Repair Inc. can get any Playstation 3 console back to working order after customers experience other common errors including a frozen information board, loss of picture or sound, discs not reading and many others. No matter what particular problem a customer is experiencing, there best bet is to send it to Game Repair Inc. for efficient repair services. A Playstation 3 can be expensive, so it is better to spend more time using it, than waiting for the manufacturer to fix it when they feel like it. Game Repair Inc. will have the problem diagnosed and repaired in no time.

About Game Repair, Inc.
Game Repair Inc., originally names Nintendo Repair, opened its business over 20 years ago and has grown into one of the largest game repair operations in the country. The family owned and operated business continues to grow to be the best repair shop in the world by using friendly customer service and premium repair work. The company’s service includes repairing various console and controllers, as well as buying and selling new and used games. Striving to be the best repair company, Game Repair Inc. stays up to date with the new systems, as well as researches older style games and systems.

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