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San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/27/2012 -- A new massive multiplayer online, or MMO, game has just been released, and it is called Tera Online. As a result, a large number of guides dedicated to playing Tera have recently sprung up. Gamers who want to start mastering Tera will want to check out these guides, but they are probably unsure of which guides are right for them. That is why so many gamers have been visiting lately. provides reviews of the hightest-rated Tera guides in order to help gamers start playing right away. ranks the three highest-rated Tera guides that are available online right now. Tera was released only a month ago, yet notices a surprising amount of professionalism in these guides. In one review of a Tera guide entitled Veliks, MMO Guides notes, “It usually takes some time for guide makers to get a feel for the game before they can produce a top notch product. That’s why Veliks guide was such a surprise to us. This is a polished, well-designed and professional guide. What’s more, it’s filled with content and not just stuff from the open beta.”

In addition to discussing the top features of each of the three guides reviewed, also provides quality digital imagery, in depth editorial content and simple to understand star ratings. The ratings summarize the opinions of the review’s author — evaluated in terms of content, results and value — as well as the opinions of users. Users can also leave comments on each review page, enabling a level of interactivity that the gaming community is known for.

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Reviews often include videos that provide an even more informative experience for visitors. Plus, the site has a Previews section that informs gamers about the new games coming onto the scene and the guides that should be available.

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MMO Guides is the first and only one-stop resource for reviews of all the best and worst guides for your favorite Massive Multiplayer Online Games. By evaluating a variety of guides across a wide range of genres, MMO Guides provides visitors with the information that they need to optimize their gaming experiences.

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