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Gamers Rejoice As AtFreeGames.com Delivers Actioned-Packed Online Gaming at Zero Cost!


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/20/2012 -- One of the best things about the internet and computing in general has always been the ability to play games; whether it’s the fast-paced world of action games, the nail-biting tension of shooters or the gladiatorial combat of fighting games, typically there’s something for everyone – if gamers know where to look. Plenty of websites advertise thousands of different games, yet the cold reality arrives when users are asked to pay a significant purchase cost. Or even worse, an expensive monthly subscription.

For this reason, it’s a refreshing change to find AtFreeGames.com delivering on their promise of zero-cost gaming for all comers. Launched with the goal of providing gamers everywhere with their fix of games from all genres, there are no charges at all for users to experience the adrenaline-packed world of browser-based gaming.

It’s not as though it’s impossible to find a favourite game free online, the website acknowledges. “No matter what type of game you prefer, it is surely available to play for free online”. The problem for many, however, has been finding a reputable site which actually delivers on the promise of true, zero-cost gaming. Thankfully, the creators of At Free Games are enthusiasts themselves and they understand the needs of their users. “The best thing about playing these online games is the whole site is dedicated to making sure you can play the games and have a lot of fun in whichever way you want”

While many may be addicted to a particular game, for many variety is the spice of life. For those visitors, At Free Games has them covered. The site has compiled literally hundreds of games across a whole spectrum of genres, including the ever-popular shooting games, puzzle games, adventure games and countless more. AtFreeGames.com has shown a particular dedication in making sure there is something for everyone on the site. “The best places to play free games online will have several different categories of games to choose from”, they explain. At last count the site was maintaining a roster of several hundred games in dozens of different categories – and it’s still growing!

The appeal of the site is clear, and it’s proven every day by the thousands of visitors from all corners of the globe flocking to AtFreeGames.com to get their gaming fix. And as the site continues to develop, we can only expect bigger things. What is certain, however, is that one thing will never change; there will never be a cost for gamers who visit AtFreeGames.com

About At Free Games
At Free Games was creating by gaming enthusiasts with a mission to create the best, most comprehensive free game resource on the web. Established 3 years ago and still growing by the day, AtFreeGames.com enjoys huge popularity amongst the online gaming community for constantly delivering on their core promise of free games for one and all. For more information visit http://www.atfreegames.com