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Gaming Chairs Taking Virtual Reality to the New Level in 2016


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/23/2016 -- According to Champ Chairs, Virtual Reality headsets are going to be a really big deal in 2016.

"We think it's going to be big, and the thing about is it's not going to change just the gaming industry but a whole bunch of industries as well." We sat down and talked with their spokesman Tory Rice about a range of topics like e-sports, the console race, but it was the potential of virtual reality that really got him excited. "You know the first image that pops in my head is a scenario where you're seating in a simulator and then you have on your Oculus Rift or Playstation VR Headset, you start up your game and feel as if you're really in a Huracan LP 610-4 speeding down a highway. The racing simulators that we carry are pretty top notch, they're as realistic as ever. You have the wheels, pedals, gears, which all can be customized to however you like. People used to have to go to CES, and other trade shows to experience something like this but when virtual reality comes to the market it's just going to take this thing to the next level. It's not going to be just visual or physical anymore but a full body affair."

Virtual Reality Headsets have been in development for a number years with many consumers having to go to trade shows to experience mere prototypes and demos. However, with VR Headsets like the Oculus Rift set to hit store shelves later this year consumers will not have to wait much longer for the highly anticipated devices.

What Are Gaming Chairs?

Gaming chairs have been around for nearly over a decade now, when they first came onto the scene the purpose of these products was so that countless hours of gaming didn't result in aching and poor posterior for gamers. To achieve this companies began to develop them with the highest quality materials available like supportive cushioning and full-size steel framework that help for stability. Nowadays these chairs feature the same leather and materials actual racing seats are made of, they have customizable gas cylinders, adjustable armrests, and multi-functional mechanisms which allow users rock back and forth, and some also have a sliding element. There are gaming chairs specialized for certain heights, width, and body weight. Most recently to come on to the market though have been racing simulators which are seat systems which are designed to simulate an experience you'd get from an actual race car.

Who Creates Gaming Chairs?

Computer Gaming Chairs are being manufactured by several brands today including DXRacer, Playseat, Arozzi, and more.

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Champ Chairs offers the largest selection of computer gaming chairs online and we when spoke with them we couldn't have been more excited to see the future of this industry.

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