Gaming Fans in South Florida Asked to Join a Crowdfunding Campaign to Launch a E-Sports Gaming Bar

Set to open in late 2015, Breakthrough owners are asking for gaming fans to help bring the first ever E-Sports Gaming bar to South Florida.


Broward, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/24/2015 -- Matt Brian and his business partner launched an Indiegogo campaign for Breakthrough, an innovative, new take on the standard sports bar. Breakthrough will be the first ever E-Sports Gaming bar in South Florida.

Matt Brian is offering food, drinks, and the opportunity for gamers to step outside of their homes and compete with friends in a new, lively atmosphere. Breakthrough opens new doors in the restaurant and gaming markets of South Florida where gamers can have a place of their own.

In other parts of the US, like Chicago's Ignite Gaming Lounge, this type of boutique E-Sports Bar has already proven itself to be a hit. Before the League of Legends world championship competition in South Korea, crowds of avid gamers and spectators were lined up just to watch the e-sports.

Matt and his business partner, John, ensure contributors that, "Our bar will provide a great atmosphere and an environment that encourages gamers to be gamers. In addition, we will be able to create an atmosphere that welcomes spectators to come and watch their favorite gamers fight against their competitors."

Now they just need the support to make that a reality. In exchange for contributing to this new venture, backers are offered a variety of perks. They include: exclusive branded wristbands, t-shirts, beer mugs, gift certificates ranging from $25-100, and invite-only access to their launch party, once the goal of $50,000 has been met.

For more information, please visit the Indiegogo page at

About the Brains Behind Breakthrough
Matt & John are entrepreneurs that are more than familiar with the gaming community. Understanding the extensive number of gamers in the South Florida area, we see that there is an opportunity for this kind of gaming bar. We want to take E-Sports out of the home and merge them with a sports bar atmosphere to give gamers a place to network, play their favorite games, and hone their skills against their peers.