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GaN Substrate Market Set to Surge Significantly During 2017–2027

Owing to a lot of advantages over all the other traditional substrates, GaN Substrate is one of the most emerging substrates in the industry and holds a high growth potential.


Valley Cottage, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/16/2017 -- Owing to a lot of advantages over all the other traditional substrates, GaN Substrate is one of the most emerging substrates in the industry and holds a high growth potential. High electron mobility, low switching losses, and fewer lattice mismatches are some of the key advantages of the GaN Substrate, which are leading to the world wide adoption of GaN Substrate, mainly in the industries such as optoelectronics and power electronics. Currently, the GaN Substrate holds authority in LEDs possessing a share of nearly 70% of market revenue, while power electronics products are in an evolving stage. Other applications of GaN Substrate also involve inverters (& converters), RF devices, power supply modules and motor drives which are expected to evolve rapidly in the market.

GaN Substrate is a semiconductor material, whose advantages are evident in comparison to the other conventional semiconductor materials such as Silicon, Silicon Carbide, Aluminium, Sapphire, and others. The GaN material is a thin film which is grown on other materials like Sapphire, Silicon, and Silicon Carbide. Out of which, the GaN on sapphire currently holds for most of the share, but SiC is expected to evolve at the fastest rate among others, in the LEDs and Power electronics segment.

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Global Market of GaN substrate: Drivers and Restraint

Wider band gap, high break-down voltage, larger critical electric field, and higher thermal conductivity are some of the key factors leading to a rapid shift of industry manufacturers from silicon technology to GaN substrate. As these properties let the GaN Substrate material to operate at much higher voltages, work at high switching frequencies, and increase their ability to handle higher power density, thereby offering enhanced power efficiency, which are the key requirements of power amplifiers and applications pertaining to optoelectronics, they are the captivating interest in the R&D fields of these industries. GaN Substrate also exceed the limit of their counterpart Si devices in applications like Schottky diodes, FETs, HEMTs and the other advanced transistors and let them operate efficiently at much higher voltage levels.

These are the key factors which result in gaining attraction for GaN Substrate in the market, with the LED applications being the key drivers holding a share of nearly 70% of revenue in the market for the bulk gallium nitride (GaN) market. As these devices help in reducing the conduction and switching losses and offer higher efficiency in electronic systems, gradually they are entering a new segment of applications, namely power amplifiers. These applications of GaN Substrate are in an evolving stage but are anticipated to show substantial growth in the upcoming years.

Presently on small diameter, namely 2 & 4-inch GaN substrate are present. But these are small diameters which lead to wastage of space and edges resulting in lower efficiencies. This may be a reason which may result in the decrease in market growth if large diameter GaN Substrate is not manufactured successfully. Some countries like U.S., Japan, and Korea have started adopting large diameters, but to gain a wider acceptance of GaN Substrate may take years to come. Also, high implementation cost can result in restraining the growth of GaN substrate market.

Furthermore, the GaN Substrate market contains immense potential but to hold a strong foothold in the market, still need a right push from the industry manufacturers.

Global Market of GaN substrate: Segmentation

GaN Substrate Market Segmentation on basis of Size:

GaN Substratemarketis segmented on the basis of size of substrate. On the basis of size, the market can be

Higher than 6 inches

GaN Substrate Market Segmentation on basis of type:

On the basis of type, the GaN Substrate marketcan be:

GaN on Sapphire
GaN on Si
GaN on SiC
GaN on GaN

Sapphire, Si, SiC and GaN are various types of substrates available for GaN Substrate market. Currently, Sapphire is the predominant substrate accounting for nearly 60% of the market share while evolution of the SiC substrate is anticipated andis expected to witness highest CAGR in the upcoming years. The reason being, less volume of SiC devices, which helps end use products such as electrics vehicles to cut down on the size of the component units thereby turning into a more efficient one.

For instance, Toyota Corporation in 2014, developed SiC power semiconductor, which improves fuel efficiency by 10% in electric vehicles.

GaN Substrate Market Segmentation on basis of Substrate Production Process Type:

On the basis of GaN Substrateproduction process type, the market can be:

Hydride Vapor Phase Epitaxy (HVPE),

Ammonothermal growth

Metal-Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition (MOCVD)

GaN Substrate Market Segmentation on basis of End-user:

The major segments of end-user in GaN Substrate Market include:

Military and Communication
General Lighting
Consumer Electronics

GaN Substrate Market Segmentation on basis of regions:

The GaN substrate market is sub-segmented into 7 key regions- North America, Latin America, East Europe, West Europe, Asia-Pacific excluding Japan, Japan and Middle East & Africa.

Asia-Pacific region accounts for the maximum share in GaN Substrate Market, with Japan, China and Korea being the major contributors in the terms of production and consumption both. Major factors like less labour and production costs in these countries act as catalyst in helping manufacturers to set up production facilities. Besides that, the dominancy of GaN Substratesuppliers strongly distributed in the region aids in flourishing market.

Owing to increasing demand in UK and Germany, the European GaN Substrate market follows Asia-pacific and witnessed a moderate growth while north America, an early adopter of the technology follows Asia-pacific in the market share exhibiting significant growth, trend expected to continue over the forecast period.

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Global Market of GaN substrate: Key Players

Cree Inc., Kyocera Corp., MonoCrystal, Sumco Corp. Sumitomo Electric Industries, 10+ are some of the key players in the GaN substrate market.

Other emerging players in GaN Substrate Market include: Saint Gobain Ltd., Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, Texas Instruments Incorporated, GaN Systems Inc., and MTI Corporation.

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