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Gannon Chimney Repair Inc. Now Inspecting Fireplaces to Ensure Safety This February


Willow Grove, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/13/2014 -- As the winter weather has been harsh for many residents of Bucks County and the greater Philadelphia area, chimneys and fireplaces have been consistently used as an extra source of heat. With the amount of snow and ice that have caused trees to fall and circuit breakers to explode in sections of Bucks County, thousands of homeowners have experienced power outages for an extended period of time. To ensure the safety of a chimney or fireplace, Gannon Chimney Repair Inc. is pleased to announce they are now offering their services for fireplace inspection this February.

When chimneys are utilized more often than usual, soot can buildup in the flue and debris can accumulate from the fumes. If homeowners fail to get their fireplaces cleaned and inspected, the home’s heating system can become affected. For those who have spent days without heat, it can be a heavy burden to be faced with a hefty repair cost on a heater. A thorough inspection and cleaning will ensure the safety of the house. The chimney will be thoroughly inspected for optimal performance so homeowners can feel confident when they use their fireplace for warmth this February.

If the power has returned and there are problems with the performance of the dryer, it can be beneficial to receive a dryer vent cleaning in Bucks County to properly restore the airflow and maintain the longevity of the system. For their valued clientele’s convenience, the professionals are able to provide accurate estimates via email. This way, customers can retrieve their estimate directly from the cloud.

In addition to their chimney inspections and cleaning services, the professionals from Gannon Chimney Repair Inc. are able to offer their services for waterproofing in Philadelphia. If homeowners feel that there is an excess of moisture and melted snow or ice seeping through the cracks and into the home, the foundation can be damaged. Their waterproofing services will effectively take care of the excess water in any basement, ridding the home of all moisture and mold. They will install a sump pump to direct water away from the home, and leave the interior of the home dry through the rest of the winter.

For more information about their services, or to inquire on an email estimate for any problems, please visit their website today.

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