GapFill Helping Car Owners to Drive Safely and Avoid Distraction

One in ten car accidents are caused by distraction. These accidents can be avoided if the distraction is removed. One product that is helping to remove the distraction in a vehicle is GapFill


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/09/2014 -- According to a recent report, one in ten car accidents in the UK are caused through distraction. This can involve a mobile phone dropping between the gap of the driver’s seat, or CD or even a SatNav. When the driver is distracted and tries to retrieve the item that has dropped, this means they are not concentrating on the road and could cause a serious road traffic accident. Now thanks to a clever invention called GapFill, which removes the gaps in a vehicle, car drivers have fewer distractions to lose concentration.

GapFill, Europe's only Car Gap Filler, has launched a new innovative GapFill product, which will remove distractions while driving. By using GapFill, which is very easy to install, gaps between seats can easily be filled. This will help the driver to concentrate on the road and not worry about an item falling in between the seats and onto the floor.

Driving instructors, the AA, and the police are always telling drivers they should always have their eyes on the road and should concentrate. That is why the use of mobile phones while driving has been band. However, it is a natural reaction when an item has been dropped in between the seats to try and retrieve it, but this causes problems. By trying to retrieve that item it means the driver is removing his full concentration from his driving, this could result in a serious car accident. The GapFill removes this problem.

The GapFill, which has been hailed by gadget experts, allows the car owner to fill the gaps between the seats with the easy to use product. It requires no experience and can be done in the shortest of time. By buying the product and installing it, it can help save a driver from an accident or even his life.

The GapFill product is filled with hypoallergenic polyester fiberfill inside a neoprene casing and is very durable and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. This one-size fit all products come in black, which is a colour that combines effortlessly with all interiors. The small size of the product makes it discrete which will not alter the look of the interior significantly.

For more information, visit our website where you can order the product and end one of the nagging car problems.

About GapFill
GapFill is a product that allows the gap between the driver’s seat and the console to be removed, allowing for better driving.