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Garage Door Not Opening Because of Cold Winter in Allentown

Don't get stuck in the cold when the garage door stops working.


Bath, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/20/2013 -- Weather is a tricky element. It can be pleasant, but it can also be brutal depending on the temperature. People require certain items during these times, as do windows and garage doors. Garage doors, just like anything else, can be affected by cold weather. The door may stick or become non-operational. It is important to take precautions, such as lubricating all the moving parts of the door and doing so, many times. It is a good idea to lubricate each door section as well. These sections tend to stick in colder weather conditions, which is something to be avoided. It is important to lubricate, but one should read the instruction manual to ensure that the lubrication is done where it should be done. It is a good idea to use the door daily, even if usage is not necessary. This should be done to make sure that functionality continues uninterrupted. If there is anything building up around the door, daily usage should be able to stop that. If the automatic door that is not working, then perhaps it is time to disconnect the mechanism and attempt to open it manually.

Were Precautions Taken?

What happens if preparation was not taken? What happens if the garage door is already stuck, and it is beyond rescuing? Then it is time to call a professional. Look for someone with experience and the knowledge. Look for a professional who will try to avoid such costly options. One may expect same-day servicing because a good door repair company understands that time is of the essence. A specialist can take care of manual and automatic doors, which may or may not be attached to a security or sensor system. A company like Girard's has only the best and brightest specialists.

Getting The Door Fixed

There are different things that a professional may bring in order to repair it, depending on the type of damage. If it is frozen, then scrapping or thawing may be part of the repairing steps, but these steps must be done carefully because some garage doors may have sensitive parts. If it does not open or close properly, this may be due to many reasons, which a cold winter can be responsible for. The alignment itself can be altered, which can cause it to have trouble closing or opening. Only a professional can properly tend to this without damaging the item.

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