Garage Door Repair and Maintenance Will Reduce Risks and Hazards Caused by Cold Winters


Sacramento, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/23/2012 -- Garage Door Repair Pros, with over 20 years serving Sacramento, recommends regular inspections of your garage door, garage door opener, garage door sensors, as well as the tracks, and high tension garage door coils and springs.

There are two reasons you want to service your garage door. The first is so that it operates flawlessly and does not break down at an inconvenient time and the second is for the health and safety of you and your family. Though few think about their garage doors, they are in fact the largest and heaviest moving item within your home. Even the lightest weight garage doors weigh several hundred pounds and they are expected to open and close on demand. While open the combination of the garage door opener and various springs and coils are then expected to keep it open as we drive and walk underneath. Most people simply assume everything will work and yet do not consider that they are solely responsible for its operation.

Every manufacturer of garage doors, opener systems, and all of the various parts, springs, coils, and tracks include directions and warnings that mandate regular maintenance. Imagine any other situation where you would walk or drive under a several hundred pound object and yet never take the time to make certain that the system controlling that hundred pound object is maintained and serviced. Yet countless homeowners do this exact thing each and every day.

Maintenance and garage door service is especially critical as the Sacramento fall and winter months bring cold damp weather that directly impacts the many moving parts of all garage doors. The lubrication on the springs and coils can become hard and lack pliability. They can also have accumulated dirt from the summer months when the lubricant was soft from the heat and therefore collecting any element form the air that came near. The damp fall and winter air can also cause springs, coils, and tracks that are not properly protected to begin to rust and not work properly.

Beyond this, the constant use of the garage door puts extreme pressure on the nuts, bolts, and screws that hold the garage door tracks, garage door opener, and coils and springs to the wall of the garage. This constant pressure combined with the damp cold air on the wood to which these items are attached can cause them to lose grip and eventually fail over time if not properly maintained and replaced when necessary.

Garage door failure can have different consequences. From the inconvenience of a door that sticks in a half open position to the door that simply drops onto a car or person. Doors do not always drop in place either, many times one side of the track system stays in place while the other side fails causing a door to bend or permanently disfigure so that the owner not only needs to fix the failing mechanism, but also the entire door itself. Other failures due to lack of maintenance include springs that simply snap out of place and embed themselves in a vehicle or wall of the garage. Fortunately, newer tension coil systems do not run this risk, but they too have moving cables that can wreak havoc on anything caught in their highly pressure loaded movement.

Yet according to Garage Door Repair Pros in Sacramento with proper regular inspections, maintenance, and service any garage door can be safely relied upon. Garage doors and garage door systems were designed to last and this is the philosophy of the Garage Door Repair Pros. They believe in making certain that low cost service not only avoids the unsafe and unexpected, but it is much better than a costly repair or injury. Simple inspections and same day service are all a part of the Garage Door Pros commitment to service. Larry, the manager can be reached at (916) 282-4720 or on their website at

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