Garage Door Repair Houston Now with 24 Hours Emergency Service

Service accessibility key to timely repair


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/06/2013 -- A garage door is just another part of the home but, its repair can mean compromised safety not only to the assets of the home but, also to the people living in the home. Garage door repair Houston is therefore not to be ignored if one wants to make sure that their family and their belongings are taken care of in situations that demand a repair.

Garage door repair is a task that needs proper analysis because not every product that is available in the market follows industry standards. The worker responsible for the repair must be aware of the different brands available and how each brand has something unique to offer.

Door Mart Services which is a local based company has handled many repair projects in the past and is therefore, in a position to make sure only the industry best is used for the new door installation.

In a recent announcement the company representative was happy to inform about the 24 hours emergency service. Given the time constraint that comes with a garage door repair Houston, home owners cannot afford to procrastinate getting the repair done.

For some, if the repair is too much of a time commitment, pushing the repair till after something bad happens is a common occurrence. To help the residents of Houston avoid such situations, the company, Door Mart Services has come up with the 24 hours emergency service option.

With this option absolutely anyone can get in touch with a repairmen right the very moment a repair pops up and attend to the need before it gets out of hand. Door Mart Services is probably one of the very few companies which provide customers with the benefit of getting the repair done the moment it happens. This is also one of the reasons why the company works even during the weekend to make sure repair requests are attended to on time.

Garage door repair Houston companies are plenty but, these companies provide peripheral services which follow a basic need based approach. The proactive repairmen of Door Mart Services follow a completely different approach and have a mindset that is customer focused. Every service detail has been designed to meet the needs of the customer and help them get the benefit of time. To know more log onto

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