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Garage Remedy Offers Consumers Garage Floor Coating Solutions

Garage Remedy, a California garage organization storage solution company, offers not only versatile storage options but professional garage floor coating to keep these spaces beautiful and to control dust and insects.


Rancho Santa Margarita, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/07/2013 -- Garage Remedy is offering homeowners a solution to the summer dust and insects that creep in over the summer- new garage floor coating. As the temperatures rise, many homeowners start to experience an influx of dirt, debris, and insects that come in through their garage. Even with neat garage shelving systems in place, a cracked and dirty garage floor could bring a variety of problems to homeowners. Insects, rodents, and dirt can accumulate over time, threatening the health of homeowners’ families. As a solution, Garage Remedy offers new garage floor coatings that can seal cracked, stained, and dirty garage floors, helping homeowners to keep their homes nicer all year round.

The garage floor is one of the most high-traffic areas in any home and suffers from both outdoor and indoor floor issues. Weather, dirt, oil, water and abrasion all take their toll on a garage floor over time, causing it to crack, peel and stain. Unless homeowners address the garage floor issue, the appearance of their great-looking new garage shelving systems will ultimately suffer from the proximity of a dirty and damaged garage floor. Furthermore, failure to address garage floor issues could lead to problems from dirt, insects and even toxins. These can easily be transferred into the rest of the home, exacerbating allergies and asthma concerns. The added dirt and debris could cause homeowners significant carpet cleaning and air duct cleaning costs as well.

Garage Remedy offers the very best in garage flooring solutions. Using Polyurea floor coatings, Garage Remedy can offer its clients the very best in garage flooring solutions. Polyurea is a synthetic resin that is designed to give garage floors a tough, durable finish that is also beautiful and easy to maintain. Garage floors coated with a polyurea product can easily last a lifetime with minimum maintenance.

Polyurea has many benefits, including four times the strength of epoxy finishes, years of beautiful wear and a high-gloss protective finish. With a polyurea coating, garage floors will enjoy years of nearly maintenance-free wear and will be protected from spills, cracks and other damage. Additionally, pests won't start coming in through the cracks, leaving homeowners vulnerable to disease.

Homeowners seeking to keep their home looking newer longer and to protect their home from dirt and insects are encouraged to call Garage Remedy today. This summer can be the last summer that homeowners are subjected to asthma and allergy problems as a result of a dirty, cracked, and insect ridden garage floor.

About Garage Remedy
Garage Remedy is California’s premiere garage storage solution company. Serving all of California, Garage Remedy gives homeowners the tools to create neat, functional garage storage spaces and to allow for long-term storage evolution with its flexibly designed systems. Garage Remedy also provides the best garage floor coating options for beauty, durability and easy maintenance.

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