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Garage Remedy Revolutionizes Garage Storage with Monkey Bars Storage Solutions


Trabuco Canyon, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/07/2013 -- Garage Remedy offers many types of storage solutions for homeowners who want to organize their garages and take them from messy to marvelous in one easy step. One of the most versatile and unique garage organizers offered by Garage Remedy is the Monkey Bars system , a patented storage method that utilizes several components to create individual and changeable storage solutions. When combined with cabinets, shelving and other garage organization tools, Monkey Bars is one of the most flexible and useful storage methods available to homeowners.

The Monkey Bars System

The Monkey Bars System is so simple that homeowners are amazed at how easy it is to organize their garages. However, this simple base includes an infinite variety of combinations to meet every storage need.

The three basic components of the Monkey Bars Storage System are:

- Brackets. Monkey Bars attach to brackets that are bolted into the wall for strong support. These brackets can hold up overhead shelves for heavy storage, then the Monkey Bars can be used for under-shelf storage in a variety of configurations.

- Bars. Monkey Bars attach to the brackets with a patented, easy-to-use locking mechanism. This mechanism releases easily so homeowners can change them periodically but lock tight to hold heavy objects, tools and equipment as well.

- Hooks. The patented Monkey Bars hooks slide over the bars to provide flexible, movable hanging storage for all items. Homeowners can hang up their wheelbarrows, tools, sporting gear and other items easily to keep them within reach but off the floor and out of the way.

The Monkey Bars system is so simple yet so flexible that homeowners are astounded at the garage organization choices available to them with a basic Monkey Bars installation. By getting items off the floor and out of boxes, everything is suddenly available and accessible. Homeowners can step into their garages and instantly put their hands on anything they need.

Monkey Bars and other storage solutions by Garage Remedy can transform any garage space from ugly to elegant quickly, easily, and at a reasonable cost. Instead of renting a storage unit, homeowners can now organize all their items and make room in their cluttered and messy garages. These unique storage solutions can transform garages into rooms customers will be proud to show off.

About Garage Remedy
Garage Remedy is one of California’s most versatile garage organization and storage solution companies. Garage Remedy provides unique storage solutions such as the Monkey Bars System, durable garage shelving systems, tough but beautiful garage cabinets in Orange County, and even floor coating options for garage floors that combat dust and insects, transforming garage spaces into beautiful, useable areas that will delight homeowners across California.

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