GarantiPlus Offers Comprehensive Mechanical Insurance Packages


Madrid, Spain -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/18/2014 -- A mechanical warranty distributor named GarantiPlus recently launched its innovative warranty packages, which focus in providing coverage for a wide variety of vehicles. The packages being offered by the Madrid-based company help sellers cover post-sale matters related to vehicle warranty, providing a more positive experience for their customers. In addition, the company presents clients with various benefits from its partners.

Particularly suitable for cars, motorcycles, and other light commercial vehicles, their packages offer comprehensive coverage at reasonable prices. Additionally, the packages are exceptionally flexible and can be tailored to the specific needs of the client. For some packages, the company can provide extended warranty for a maximum of 24 months.

Car sellers who decide to work with GarantiPlus can provide more warranty options to their customers and therefore benefit from greater customer satisfaction and increased brand loyalty. Moreover, such sellers will be able to increase the value of the cars they sell, further increasing their potential revenues.

Along with providing warranty services, the company also offers detailed technical advice regarding budget analysis, preventing clients from resorting to guesswork, which could lead to costly mistakes.

A feature that sets the company apart is their online platform, which enables clients to interact with the company without leaving their homes. Their user-friendly website is also open throughout the year.

Moreover, the company can offer its customers discounted services through its partners, which have been rigorously evaluated by the company for efficiency and quality of service. Clients may enjoy the following benefits:

-7% discount from review periodicals and braces from Bosch Service
-7% total discount, tire inflation and 6 months financing with zero interest at First Stop
-All year round roadside assistance, coverage of hotel expenditures, vehicle replacement, and vehicle repatriation from Asistencia Technica Europea

The company also agrees to donate 1.5% of their revenues to The United Nations Children’s Fund, also known as UNICEF, a leading organization which provides assistance to impoverished children from developing countries. Thus, clients working with the insurance company play an indirect but significant role in ensuring the lives of children worldwide.

Composed of well-established experts, the GarantiPlus team has over fifteen years of experience in providing mechanical warranty services to sellers. Even during periods of market volatility, their expertise and focus on research and development enables them to promptly adjust their products and services in accordance to current European market conditions.

Interested parties may reach the company through their website: In addition, the company may also be contacted by phone at 902 566 155 or through email at,, or