SP Industries Releases EM Series

EM Series First Compactor That is 100% Electro-Mechanical


Hopkins, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/09/2013 -- SP Industries, the leading manufacturer of waste handling, material handling, and recycling equipment, has released their newest EM Series garbage compactor.

The EM Series differs from standard compactors in that it is 100% electro-mechanical. The EM Series is the “material handling industry’s first line of hydraulic-free, industrial compactors.” It is designed for the environmentally conscious institution since it completely removes the need for hydraulic fluid and hoses. This eliminates the risk of hydraulic fluid contamination as well as other work-related hazards such as fires and leaking seals. Other features of the EM Series include: a free-floating ram/shaft that maintains alignment, auto safety retract, PLC control system, TEFC motor, adjustable multi-cycle programming, adjustable ram force pressure settings, maintenance cycle counter, and full-load indicator. It is completely safe for all waste compactor needs and meets current ANSI Z245.2 standards.

In addition to the EM Series, SP Industries offers a full line of commercial compactors. They have over 100 different models from stationary to self-contained to suit all needs. To ensure customers get the most of their waste system, SP Industries works closely with all clients. SP Industries also offers a full line of cart dumpers that range in size from ½ cubic yard to over 20 cubic yards in volume. SP Industries also customizes any system to fit the specific needs of a company’s operation.

About SP Industries
Established in 1982, SP Industries has over 30 years of experience working in the waste equipment industry. They provide their customers with the best product quality and design by using only the best in industry components to develop their products. SP Industries is committed to protecting the environment and ensuring the safety of their customers. For additional information please visit, www.sp-industries.com.