Garcinia Cambogia Creates Buzz After Being Announced as the Holy Grail for Weight Loss


Chesapeake, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/11/2013 -- Garcinia cambogia has become a popular weight loss product since the latter part of 2012 when it was featured on a popular health show on national television. Since then, it has been in huge demand and a lot of persons are curious as to the Efficacy of this product. Does garcinia cambogia really work? Is Garcinia cambogia a scam? These are some of the questions that a lot of persons are asking. This article will look at the benefits the fruit has to offer to determine if it really does induce weight loss.

Does Garcinia Cambogia Really Work?

In order to answer that question, one must first look at the benefits that this product has to offer. Weight loss is a delicate matter and with the vast amount of supplements on the market, persons have to do their due diligence before deciding which product is right for them.

The garcinia fruit contains a compound known as hydroxycitric acid (HCA) which is the main ingredient for the weight loss supplement. This HCA extract has several health benefits and inducing weight loss is one of them. The HCA can induce weight loss in two main ways: by suppressing the appetite and by preventing the production of new fats from carbohydrates.

Hydroxycitric Acid As An Appetite Suppressant

Overeating is one of the main causes of weight gain and obesity. Nowadays people are eating more and exercising less. So all the excess food is stored as fats. With the HCA extract present, there will be a false sense of fullness which prevents persons from overeating. This also does not have any diverse effects the body but will allow a person to lose weight overtime due to the reduced daily calorie intake.

Hydroxycitric Acid As A Fat Blocker

Research as shown that carbohydrates accounts for more than 60% of almost every meal that a person eats. With that being said, there's always an excess amount of carbohydrates in a persons system which the body will convert to fat and stored for future energy. This makes it very difficult for a person to lose weight naturally.

Garcinia cambogia combats this problem in a very unique way. The HCA extract inhibits the enzyme citrate lyase which is responsible for the conversion of carbohydrates to fats. As a result, the production of fats is slowed or even stopped completely and the body is forced to use the excess carbohydrates as energy for day to day activities.

So does garcinia cambogia work? The answer is yes. However, like any other supplement this should not be used as a stand alone product for weight loss. Healthy weight loss occurs when a person indulge in healthy habits such as proper dieting and regular exercising. If you are looking to lose weight, use the garcinia cambogia supplements to boost your results but not as the only driving force.

Finding the right supplement that will give you great results with your weight loss goals can be difficult. However, if you are looking to shed a few pounds with a TESTED and PROVEN supplement that works then garcinia cambogia maybe right for you.

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