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Garcinia Cambogia Plus Promotes Natural and Healthy Weight Loss in 4 Ways


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/07/2013 -- Garcinia Cambogia Plus is one of several quality natural supplements produced by Choice Nutrition Supplements . It works as an efficient natural weight loss supplement by suppressing appetite, blocking fat formation, building lean muscles, and busting belly fat. As a bonus, it provides energy to users, helping them get through their daily responsibilities and routines more effortlessly.

Garcinia Cambogia Plus is made of natural garcinia cambogia extract standardized to 60% hydroxycitric acid (HCA). HCA is the key ingredient responsible for making garcinia cambogia very efficient as a weight loss supplement. Firstly, HCA is proven to help suppress appetite. In fact, in Thailand where the garcinia cambogia fruit is commonly found, it is added to soup, which is eaten before a meal to suppress appetite. Additionally, HCA prevents the conversion of unused or stored sugar into fat. Instead, sugar is converted to glycogen, which is an excellent source of energy while exercising. Furthermore, it helps build lean muscles because fat is being burnt even when a person is not exercising. Lastly, it helps burn belly fat. A flat belly is not just about looking good; it is about one’s overall health. A big stomach is associated with obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases.

To enhance the efficacy of Garcinia Cambogia Plus, it is added with appropriate amounts of both calcium and potassium. Potassium is essential for good digestion and muscle function, while certain amounts of calcium are used in metabolic functions such as hormone production. A combination of HCA, potassium, and calcium makes Garcinia Cambogia Plus a top quality garcinia cambogia supplement for weight loss and overall health.

To have more understanding on how Garcinia Cambogia Plus works, watch this informative video produced by Choice Nutrition Supplements.

“I am extremely pleased with the product so far. I have been using it for one week and have already lost two pounds. It also seems to have curbed my craving for bread. Customer service is excellent!” – Steven L, Garcinia Cambogia Plus User

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