Garcinia Extract: Better Shape Offers a Reliable Way to Slim Down Efficiently


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2014 -- Better Shape offers popular Garcinia extract that has proven to be effective for weight loss, along with multiple other benefits. It is a great dietary supplement that suppresses appetite and turns body fat into energy, making the process of slimming down possible for everyone.

Recent studies show that Garcinia Cambogia has a proven effect on weight loss, so its popularity is increasing every day. People have used this small exotic fruit for centuries due to its appetite suppressant qualities. It not only dramatically speeds up the process of weight loss, but also has many other health benefits that people today find very valuable.

Garcinia extract naturally leads people to choose healthier foods and to avoid all empty-calorie foods. It effectively blocks fat build-up, so the process of weight loss is faster. The reached results are maintained, avoiding any regaining of the lost pounds. The product increases serotonin and controls the level of lipids, as well as a special enzyme responsible for glycogen conversion into fat.

The Garcinia Cambogia supplement offered by Better Shape contains Hydroxycitric acid known simply as HCA. It helps the body turn the accumulated body fat into energy, so the process of weight loss is more effective. When a person consumes more food than he can spend on activities, it is stored in the body in the form of glycogen until the stores are full. At that time the glycogen starts to transform into fat. HCA prevents this process, not allowing the body to turn glycogen into fat.

People who have problems with emotional eating will find Garcinia extract to be very beneficial. It is proven that it not only gives the body energy, but improves the mood and is an effective anti-stress remedy. It also improves sleeping habits, making sleeping pills, which are generally not effective, no longer necessary. Quality of life and self-esteem are naturally boosted by this amazing supplement. Other health benefits include improvement of overall health and prevention of various health issues and conditions related to weight.

Many dieticians and doctors recommend Garcinia Cambogia to their overweight patients, as they know the proven effects that Garcinia extract has on the body. Its amazing qualities support weight loss even when the person does not exercise or follow a specific diet. Garcinia extract’s appetite suppressant properties ensure amazing results even in people who lead very busy lifestyles and have no time to follow any special diet or exercise regime.

Better Shape offers an all-natural Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract without any additives, gluten, fillers, GMO or preservatives that might cause allergies. Its usage is completely safe and recommended by doctors for the best, fastest results in weight loss.

All those who are interested in finding out more about this amazing supplement can take a look at the GARCINIA EXTRACT product page.

BETTER SHAPE offers 100% natural and pure health supplements, which improve people’s health and help them overcome obesity and related conditions.