Kirk Media Launches to Educate Consumers About Garcinia Cambogia Extract


Matthews, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/08/2013 -- Most westerners have never heard of the tamarind. It’s a fruit, native to South Asia, which is used in a huge amount of Asian recipes. It’s also an incredibly potent natural source of hydroxycitric acid, a compound that is reported to have incredible weight loss qualities when consumed in a large enough quantity. This extract is now being sold in the West under the name “garcinia cambogia extract”, the Latin name for the tamarind fruit.

One garcinia cambogia extract related site that is getting a lot of attention at the moment is This new site is dedicated to telling consumers the facts about garcinia cambogia extract, going into detail about this frequently discussed extract and its incredible fat burning properties.

The site starts off by telling visitors exactly what garcinia cambogia extract is, and how it is produced from the tamarind fruit. It discusses the natural origins of the extract, and its lack of side effects.

It then goes on to discuss the way that garcinia cambogia actually works, and the effects that it has on the human body. There are three biochemical reactions at play that block fat production as well as acting as an appetite suppressant, and the site breaks down all of them.

Lastly, the site goes into detail about the best way to obtain a reliable and good quality supply of the extract. The problem that most dieters have is finding 100% pure, all natural extract that is also potent enough to be effective, and the site lets visitors know exactly how to obtain this supplement.

A spokesperson for the site said: “Being overweight is a curse that a huge number of people in the modern world have to contend with. Many people find it incredibly difficult to lose weight these days. When people work in a sedentary office job it’s easy to pile on the pounds, and today’s convenient packaged food is often extremely high in sugar. Garcinia cambogia extract is attracting such a huge amount of media attention at the moment precisely because it overcomes both of these problems. It gets the metabolism racing, and stops people from eating mindlessly. It really does deliver.”

About is an informative site which is designed to help consumers uncover information about garcinia cambogia extract, an incredibly popular diet supplement.

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